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Pandya Store 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 12th October 2021 Episode starts with Anita crying and telling Dhara about Raavi’s accusations. Dhara looks at Raavi. Raavi asks Anita to end the matter. Anita says I can’t sit quiet after this blame, I know Gautam was my past, I have forgotten him, I swear, I have nothing in my heart for him. She cries. She says I will go from here.

Suman scolds Raavi. Rishita says a guy and a girl can be friends, I m going to office, you will taunt my character also. Raavi says stop it, why would I taunt my sister on her character, something would have happened, right. She recalls.

She says I don’t want to say but…. Anita had Gautam’s pic. Anita says I had the pic, show it, you will have the proof, Dhara come with me and check my room. Dhara says stop. She scolds Raavi. Raavi says I don’t know why Anita had saved you, but she had Gautam’s pic, I have burnt that pic myself. Suman asks how dare you burn my son’s pic.

She asks Shiva to divorce her and send her away. Dhara asks what happened to you, you all are friends, shall I think you have anything wrong in your heart. Suman asks Raavi to stop it. She asks Anita to forgive Raavi. She says go and get ready. Anita says I m not coming. Dhara says you will come. She asks Raavi not to come between their friendship. Anita goes smiling. Raavi worries. Suman says Disha is coming to meet Shiva.

Shiva thinks don’t know whom is mum calling. Kalyani asks Kirti to go to Pandya house. Janardhan calls out Kirti. Kirti says I m going to play garba with my friends. He says I will ask the driver to drop you. Kalyani nods. Kirti says fine. She hugs Janardhan and goes.

Kirti gets down the car. She acts to call her friends. She says my friends have come, you go. She hires an auto and goes. She comes to Pandya house. Another girl comes. Krish smiles seeing her. Rishita hugs her. Suman asks who invited her without asking me. Dhara says I called her. Suman taunts Kirti that she came with her friend.

The girl says I m not her friend. Rishita worries hearing Suman’s taunts. She says its my house also, I won’t let any Naagin come in the house. Krish stares at Kirti. Shiva asks Krish not to stare. He asks him to learn seeing Dev’s state, remember the beating. Gautam smiles. Rishita introduces everyone.

Kirti and Krish see each other. Ishq wala love….plays…. Kirti says I met him last time, and didn’t forget. Rishita asks why did you say that Krish got after you, he was helping you. Kirti says yes, but in a cheapster way. Rishita says no, he isn’t cheap. Suman asks Kirti to go home now.

Kanta comes and says I got late, sorry, Disha came on time. Suman asks where is she. Kanta shows the girl. Raavi gets tensed. Suman asks why didn’t you say that you are Disha. Raavi takes the drink from Disha and finishes it quickly. She says something fell in it, so I drank it, I will get another. She goes.

Suman blesses Disha and talks to her. Raavi says congrats Shiva. He says you should tell this to yourself, you should be happy to get free from me. She says no, I m very happy. Dhara signs Rishita. Rishita says look at Disha, she won’t fit in our house. Dhara says she won’t become of Shiva, we won’t let this happen.


Pandya Store 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dhara says you are doing wrong, Shiva and Raavi didn’t get divorced. Suman says I got a better girl than Raavi. Raavi looks on.

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Telecast Date:12th October 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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