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Nima Denzongpa 9th August 2022 Sunita says thank God they called a doctor and took care of you. Nima says I was too lost. I felt like Virat called me. Sunita says sometimes it’s our heart. Nima says I knew that body wasn’t Virat’s. I know I will find him soon. Suresh calls Sunita. He says we are coming. Nima says I am fine. We are fine.

He says my family is more important. Tulika and I coming. Nima says no I will let you know when I need help. Don’t do this. He says okay let me know when you need anything. Nima says thank you.

Scene 2
Sujata sleeps next to Manav. He feels restless. She touches his feet. He ignores her and pretends that he is asleep. Sujata asks what happened? I am your wife. You don’t even want to touch me? Am I not pretty?

He says I need some time. My head hurts. Can you get me water? He says why do I feel so weird with my own wife? Aai says to Sujata I feel like you will never get what you want. I see no love in his eyes for you. Sujata says he will be mine. Where will he go? Don’t worry about me, go and sleep. Aai says you too.

Sujata comes into the room and asks what happened. She says how did this trunk fall? He says I was just taking my medicine and it fell. She gets worried. He says what does it have that you are so worried? Sujata says dead bodies. She laughs. She says it has my things.

Scene 3
Sunita goes out to buy vegetables. Sunita asks Nima where her purse is. Nima checks her bag. She says I will go to that woman’s place and ask her. Manav sees the purse. He says this isn’t Sujata’s. Sujata says whose purse is it?

She sees Nima’s ID card in it. Sujata says Nima Denzongpa. Manav feels something after hearing that name. He says what did you say? Sujata says that’s such a weird name. She lives around in the basti, she looked rich.

He says I will drop it at her place. Sujata says if she wants it she will come to take it. Aai says if she comes here she can blackmail us. They take the money out of it. Sujata gives the empty purse to Manav and says give it to herr.

Manav follows the address on Nima’s card. He sees her photo. Nima is looking for an auto. She sees Manav. She tries to stop him. The police stop Manav and say you have to come to the police station with us. Manav asks what happened? Nima tells Sunita she couldn’t find the purse. Nima gets a call. She says what? I am coming. She goes to the police station.

Sujata asks Tushar to wake up. She says your son is useless. He is always sleeping. Aai says and you’re always shouting. Sujata says don’t taunt me. They both fight. Tushar says shut up and let me sleep. Sujata gets a call. She says what? Police station.

Scene 4
Manav says my name is Manav Deshmuk. I am a simple man, an auto driver. Why did you bring me here? Inspector speaks in Marathi. Manav can’t understand it. Inspector says you are from here but you don’t understand Marathi.

Manav says I forgot it after an accident. Inspector says you forgot Marathi after the accident and remember Hindi? Manav says let me go, please. Nima comes in. Nima says Virat ji.. She looks at Manav and cries.

Nima says my Virat Ji is alive. Manav walks past her. Sujata hugs him. She says are you okay Manav? Sujata assks inspector why did you bring him here? He says a man is missing. Sujata says he’s my husband. How is he a missing person for you? You had no warrant. I will call my lawyer. They leave. Sujata says Nima what are you doing here? You came here to ask about your missing husband?

They don’t do their work and they only bother poor people like us. Nima says I don’t know. Manav says Nima Ji don’t worry you will find your husband soon. See my example, I met an accident far from my house but they found me. Sujata says Manav you go brings the rickshaw. Manav says Nima ji don’t give up, my heart says you will find your husband soon.

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