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Nima Denzongpa 8th September 2021 Nima tells Sarla that I can’t rest till I find Mania. Sarla says you should think about your other two daughters, it’s night now so let’s go home now. God will bring Mania back. Let’s go now. Sarla gets an auto and takes the family from there. Suresh arrives there but Nima is already gone.

Mania is sitting in Suman’s storeroom. She says where should I go for peeing? She comes in the house and looks around. She goes to Maaji’s washroom. Maaji wakes up and goes to the washroom. She screams seeing Mania inside. Mania gets hit by the door and faints.

Nima is worried about Mania. Sarla asks her to take some rest. You didn’t even eat. Nima says I am just worried about Mania. I have to go to the police station. Sarla gives her money and says don’t worry about the kids, I will take care of them. Nima hugs her and says you have kept my faith in humanity all these years.

Suman’s family gather around Mania. Her husband asks Suman what this girl is doing here? Suman says she was scared so I thought.. He says we can get involved with police as we don’t know about this girl. Maaji says how dare you go against us? Suman says she is injured. Her husband says let’s take the girl to the hospital. Suman says I will come with you. Maaji asks Suman to listen to her husband Vinesh.

Tulika and Sunita are fighting over who will bring the water from the society tank. Tulika says I am already worried so don’t make me angry. Sunita says you will do household work. Suresh comes home and asks them to stop fighting. Sunita says I never brought the water. Tulika says I won’t bring it. Suresh says I will go and bring it. Tulika says you can take rest. Suresh says my rest is gone since Nima left.

Suresh comes to the tank and thinks he saw Nima. He goes to search for her but she is not there.

Nima comes to the police and asks if they saw her daughter? The constable asks her to go to the hospital just in case. Nima says nothing happened to her.

Scene 2
The doctor does Mania’s bandage and asks how did she get hurt? Mania says I slipped in the washroom. Aunty is very nice, she took care of me. The doctor gives medicine for Mania.

Nima comes to the same hospital to ask about Mania. She asks the receptionist about Mania. The receptionist says a girl was brought here. Nima comes out the hospital and sees Mania sitting in a car and going away. Nima runs behind the car and says Mania.. Mania gets down from the car and hugs her. Nima cries hugging her. Suman and Vinesh look on. Nima asks how did you get hurt? She screams at Suman and asks who are you? Vinesh says now this woman will ask for money. She must be from some gang. Nima asks what did you with my daughter? Mania says this aunty is very nice. She took care of me. She tells her everything. Vinesh asks if she is calm now? Nima sits in their feet and says I am really sorry. I lost my daughter because I am living on streets with my daughter. You have given me another life by bring her back. Nima starts leaving with Mania. Mania runs to Suman and hugs her. Suman smiles. Nima leaves with Mania. Vinesh says that kid got your saree dirty, get it washed. We had to already spend money on this girl.

Suresh asks Tulika to give him breakfast then he has to go to work and then look for Nima. Tulika says you are still looking for her? Suresh says she is ours also, I will keep looking for her. Tulika asks Sunita to make breakfast for him. Sunita says I didn’t make anything. Suresh says let it be, just give me lunch so I can leave. Sunita says I didn’t make any lunch. Tulika says he can’t go hungry like this. Sunita says he is your husband. Tulika says I am already taking care of Varun. Sunita and Tulika fight. Suresh screams to stop fighting, my peace is gone since Nima left. He leaves. Tulika tells Sunita that we have to make pact otherwise Suresh will go out of her hands.

Tulika and Sunita are dividing work. They argue with each other. Tulika murmurs that this woman is cheap. They divide work. Sunita asks her to make tea. Tulika gets tensed. Sunita says I will make the tea. Tulika says outside cleaning is still left, who will do that?

Suman tells Vinesh that no maid is ready to come to our house, they are all scared of Maaji. No maid wants to come to our house. Maaji doesn’t like any maid, she keeps scolding everyone. Vinesh says how do you know this girl won’t run away? Suman says she looked needy and might work at our house. She might take less money. Vinesh says that’s a good idea. They find Nima walking on the road. Suman rushes to her. Nima asks what happened? Suman says it looked like you need some work. We need help. We will give you 10K per month. Nima gets excited and says I will do it. Suman smiles and says I will give you address of my house.

Sarla brings Nima’s daughters to the mandir and asks Sia to pray. Nima comes back with Mania. Sia hugs her. Nima tells Sarla that I am happy. Sarla says I am so happy that she is back. Sia says I was praying for Mania only. Nima smiles and says we will not cry from now on. Nima thanks Bappa for giving her another chance. She says I did mistakes but I won’t let my kids have the same mistake. From now on, I will just live for my daughters. I will not let them be a fool in love, I will make them independent, I will get them education. I will make them self-made so that they won’t ever need a man to survive.

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