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Nima Denzongpa 8th December 2021 Suresh and Sunita get Mania’s leaked video on their phone but her face is blurred. Varun says I got this video also, this will go viral soon. Suresh goes away and calls Sia. He says they are sending that video to everyone, they have blurred Mania’s face but they won’t do it after 12. Sia says I am very worried. Suresh says I will do something.

Nima asks Mania and Nari to eat something, we can’t be hungry. Sia comes there and says they have sent Mania’s video to the whole society. She gets the blackmailer’s message that soon everyone will watch the video. Sia says they blurred Mania’s face for now but they won’t do it next time, they are criminals so we can’t fight them.

Nima gets a call from the blackmailer, he says I know everyone has the blurred video for now but soon we will leak the original video. I need money by 12 AM otherwise we will release the video, he ends the call. Sia asks Nima to understand the situation. Nima says I know it’s difficult to fight them but we don’t have a choice, we don’t have that kind of money so we don’t have a choice but to fight them.

Tulika comes to Suresh and asks if he is worried about the video? She says I know it’s related to Nima’s daughters as they kept talking to you, what’s going on? Suresh says it’s not your concern to you so let me just think. Tulika says I know I don’t like Nima and her daughters but we will be insulted if the video goes viral. Suresh says it’s not Mania’s fault. Tulika says I don’t care but we will be insulted so handle this matter. Suresh says I can’t get that money so soon, let me think.

Kanchan asks Shiv if he is giving 1 lac to Sia but he can’t give her money to buy some things? Shiv says I am helping her because she is a colleague, she didn’t take money from me. Kanchan says you care about her but you don’t care about your own wife?

Tulika tells Suresh that we will arrange 5 lacs, come with me. Suresh asks where are you taking me? Tulika says I know a man who helps people. Suresh says I don’t want to meet any goon. Tulika says no one will help us, it’s about your daughter’s honor so don’t think much.

Suresh and Tulika meet a goon. The goon asks why do you need money? Suresh says it’s about my family’s honor so I need money. He says I will give you 5 lacs in cash but I need a guarantee, what can you keep as a debt to me? Suresh says I don’t own anything valuable. The goon asks if you have a house? Suresh says I have a small house that I own. The goon says you can sign the paper which says that you will return the money in 7 days and if not then I will own your house.

Tulika says but our house’s value is 20 lacs. The goon says I am helping you with cash on an urgent basis so just sign the papers, give property papers to me and take the money. Suresh looks on. The goon says if you need money and care about your honor then just sign these papers. Tulika says don’t sign the papers, he is being unfair. The goon’s man takes Tulika from there. The goon asks Suresh if you need money then sign these papers. You don’t have much time as I will take back the offer. Suresh stops him and signs the contract.

Tulika comes home and calls her father. She says Suresh signed the contract, that goon is your trusted man right? He won’t cheat us? Her father says don’t worry, he is my trusted man so he won’t fool us.

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Telecast Date:8th December 2021
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