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Nima Denzongpa 5th January 2022 Maaji says this Suman is a useless wife and a useless mother. Babita says no, she is a great mom that’s why she is taking a stand for Paras, she is my inspiration. I won’t marry a guy if he cares about my brother and who his wife is. I am supporting Suman completely. I don’t care if my marriage breaks.

Dinesh shouts Babita how dare you to go against us? He is about to slap her but Suman protects her. Dinesh pushes her away and her head hits the stairs. She falls down and faints. All rush to her and see her head bleeding. Paras and Nima come there. They rush to her. Babita runs to call a doctor.

Mania is in the kitchen and looks at her sindoor. She cries silently. Suresh comes there and asks her to not worry. Nima and Paras went to talk to them. Mania says what if they get insulted? Suresh says just be positive. Sunita sees milk boiling and says something wrong is going to happen. Suresh asks her to think before speaking.

Suman is rushed to the hospital. All are worried. Nima consoles Babita. Paras asks what happened to her? Maaji says she couldn’t handle the pain of losing you, you went away and see what happened. Dinesh smirks. The doctor comes there and says her blood group is O- which is rare, we need the blood to save her. Dinesh says we don’t have the same blood group, I will try to arrange it.

Mania checks Nima’s reports and finds she has the same blood group as Suman. Mania says Nima was right.

Nima is ready to give her blood to Suman. Paras and Babita wait for them. Babita cries and tells Paras that they can take a servant’s blood easily but they can’t accept her daughter. Paras says we are rich but Nima is rich from the heart. Mania and Suresh arrive there. Maaji glares at her and says what is she doing here?

Sunita taunts Nari that Suman is in this mess because of Nima only. She comes out of the house and sees some new people shifting in the society.

Paras thanks Nima for saving his mother’s life. Nima says don’t thank me, she has always taken care of me, I can give my life for her. Maaji says everything aside, I want to thank you for doing this. She smirks at Dinesh. Dinesh takes Babita from there. Maaji tells Nima that we are in shock because of Paras’ act.

Suman was cursing herself for taking Paras’ side, she was so worried that she fell from the stairs. She cries and says I don’t want Suman to worry more. I request you all to stay away from her, we have to think about her health. Nima says you are right, I won’t come in front of Suman till she gets fine. Paras and Mania look on.

Ranisa asks Bakay what happened to Suman? He says I don’t know. Ranisa asks her guard to find out what happened to her.

Nima and Mania come back home. Sunita asks Mania if her husband left her? Did he come back to his senses? Suresh asks her to stop it. They hear noises from the house adjacent to them. The wall suddenly breaks, all are stunned. Tulika is on the otherside. Nima says you? Tulika smirks and says sorry. Sunita asks if is their neighbor now?

She says yes. Suresh says what did you do? Varun says it’s our new house. Tulika says I was just putting a painting on the wall and it broke. Nari says it’s your house? Tulika says yes, you are smart. It’s our own house. Suresh asks her to stop this drama. Sunita asks who did she fool now? Tulika says I bought it with my own money.

I sold your house to buy this one. Sunita is stunned. Suresh says you sold my house without even telling me? Sunita is hurt and says she sold my house. Nima tries to console her. Tulika says that the house was filled with fights so I sold it, this house is better and Sunita can come here anytime she wants. Sunita says you can live in a palace but you will never be happy. Suresh says it’s useless to talk to her. Tulika says I will stay near this wall now.

Kanchan and Shiv sit down to have dinner. Kanchan says are you still angry that Sia lied about her engagement? She must have said it to get you off her back. The doorbell rings, Kanchan opens the door to find a guy there. He says surprised.

Nima asks Mania to stop crying, I know your pain. Paras and Suman are nice people so give them some time. Nima sees Sunita crying looking at her house. Nima says I know you are in pain but you have to be strong, this is your house too. Sunita recalls all the time she was rude to Nima.

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Telecast Date:5th January 2022
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