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Nima Denzongpa 4th November 2021 Nima is on the call with Sia and asks if she is at Shiv’s sister’s place? Sia says yes, I am sorry.. Nima says we will talk about it later, just eat something. Nima ends the call. Sia tells Shiv that she has to go back to her hotel. Shiv says but it’s raining heavily, how will you go? Sia says like the way I came.

Nima is angry so Mania tells her to calm down, it was my fault, it’s not a big deal. Shiv did a lot for her so I asked her to go to the dinner. Nima says you will give her suggestions now? Mania says if you trust Sia then why can’t she go to dinner? Shiv is a good guy. Nima says I have noticed how Sia reacts to Shiv,

I don’t say anything but I can see things. Mania says so Sia can’t love and have a life partner? Nima says Sia needs to set her career first. Mania says so we should pause her feelings till then? Nima says I have don’t a lot for you guys but you kids don’t understand. She goes from there.

Sia is going back to her hotel in heavy rain. Shiv runs behind her and asks what happened? Sia says please go from here. Shiv says I want to know what happened, why are you doing this? You give me hope and then take it away. He grabs her hand. Sia says you don’t know your limit, you cross the limits. Shiv says I thought you like me? Sia says I like everyone, leave my hand. Shiv moves away from her.

Sia says you are a nice guy but I don’t have a place for anyone at this time. Shiv says I am just making my place in your life. Do you have someone in your life already? Sia says yes, I have already committed to someone, there is someone in my life already. Shiv says I know you are lying, I have felt your feelings for me. Sia says I am sorry for making you feel that way, I must have been stupid.

I am sorry, I should have told you this earlier. Shiv says everyone knew that I liked you, I thought there was something from your side also. Sia says you are a nice guy, you will get a girl who you deserve. Shiv says I don’t want anyone but you only. I can’t believe that I was wrong about your feelings.

If you didn’t have feelings then why did you come here today? Sia says just as a good friend, I never said that I liked you. We are colleagues and friends only. Shiv says you are my friend but you never told me that you have someone in your life? I was wrong. Sia says I am so sorry. She sadly leaves from there.

Varun is busy on his phone. Tulika asks him to focus on his life. I know you are not studying, focus on earning as I can’t trust your father anymore. We will become beggars as he has left his job. Sunita says don’t say that. Tulika says he has changed, Suresh left his job without thinking about his family, he is going crazy. Sunita says you are right, Suresh has changed. Just don’t think much, he must be stressed. Tulika says fine, just keep an eye on your son.

Nima comes out of her house and recalls Mania’s words. She goes to the mandir and prays to Bappa. She says no one understands my emotions, I wish someone would understand my feelings. Suresh comes there so she is surprised to see him. She says you are here late night? Suresh says I just wanted to. Nima asks if he is fine? He nods and asks why does she look tensed? Nima says you look tensed also. Suresh says we both still understand each other. Nima says I just want to calm down, let’s pray. They both pray together.

Sia is walking alone at night. Shiv arrives there on his bike and offer her the helmet. She takes it and sits on the back. Shiv drives away. Sia recalls all her moments with him. He drops her to the hotel but ignores her. Shiv drives. Sia says I am sorry to break your heart Shiv but Ayi would never agree to our relationship.

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