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Nima Denzongpa 31st August 2022 Sujata wakes Tushar and Sarita up. Sujata says it’s time, we have to go. Sarita says what again? She says we have to hide and lock the door from outside. We will keep Manav hidden inside.

Tushar says I won’t be a part of it. Sujata says I don’t need you either. He says to Sarita your daughter is an animal. Nima waits for Virat. She says where is he? Sujata ties Virat. Nima imagines Virat in trouble.

Virat sees all flashbacks clearly after the bruise on his head. His memory comes back. Virat says I won’t give up. Nima keeps calling her. A man on a bike comes and says to Nima wanna go? She says did I ask you?? How can you harass any woman like this. Go from here. He leaves. Virat sees his phone ringing but he’s tied.

Sujata says I won’t let her talk to you. She says there are two kinds of men. One, who loves their wives a lot. Others use women like buses or taxis and get rid of them when they want. I always had bad men in my life.

They’d break my heart and I would think something is wrong with me. Then I realized the problem was with them. Let me tell you a story. I was 17 when I hit Mangesh’s head and opened it like a coconut. His blood blasts everywhere, and she laughs. She says then.. then I was very scared. I would shiver. I used to think what did I do, such a big sin?

Then I started liking it. The man who hurt me so much wasn’t anymore. Then I loved it. Then many men came like Mangesh, I ended whoever tried to hurt me. You must be thinking why am I telling you? why would I hide from you? You found everything right? I am crazy. I keep an eye on things around me.

Sujata says when you touched my trunk you kept the lock open. You are dumb. You called Nima and planned to run. Before you, all men did the same. She laughs. She says you’re the same so I did the same as well. I messaged Nima from your phone and sent her to the wrong place and came to meet you myself.

Everything was perfect but you ruined it. I gave you my heart. All the men before you weren’t as nice as you. When I found you, you were sick. I fell in love with you. I realized you had no memory. I felt like God sent you to me.

It wasn’t easy for me but things start becoming normal, then Nima came into our lives. I used to keep one memory of each man in my trunk, someone’s leg, someone’s hand. I will keep your heart. Imagine it will stay with me even after you’re dead. I thought we will live together forever. We are perfect, right? But you have to go tomorrow.

Scene 2
Tushar and Sarita pack their bags. He says we have to run before she comes. He asks her to lock the door. Sujata comes in. She says I told you both to pretend only that we’re not here and you’re packing for real.

Tushar says we are leaving. We have had enough. We have hidden your sins for so long. We can’t be a part of this. I might be good but I don’t kill people like you. I was very young but not anymore. You are crazy. Sarita says I will also go with Tushar. Sujata says go and live alone all your life. Tushar says you will live alone. Your own mom doesn’t want to be with you. They leave.

Nima calls Sunita. She says his phone is off. I hope he’s fine. Sunita says come home then we will think about what to do. Nima sees Tushar and Sarita leaving. She asks where is Manav. Tushar says I don’t know. Nima says please tell me where is Manav and Sujata? He says stay away from that woman. She’s crazy. She’s very dangerous. Nima is worried for Virat.

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Telecast Date:31st August 2022
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