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Nima Denzongpa 2nd November 2021 Nima is tense and recalls how she said she wants to leave work and Maaji told her that if she leaves then they won’t take her back. Sia calls her. Nima asks how is she? Sia says yes, thank you for sending me here, I learned a lot in the workshop. Nima says I am happy. Sia says Shiv’s sister called me to her house, can I go? Nima says Shiv is a nice guy but if you go alone then people will think wrong. Don’t go. Sia says okay. Nima says I am just giving a suggestion. Sia says I know, she ends the call and looks on.

Suresh is driving his boss’s car and sees Nima at the bus stop. He says I will tell her that I have left the job. He stops by and asks Nima to sit, I will drop you home and tell you something also. Nima sits in the car with him.

She asks what is it? Suresh says I don’t want to see you tense, if Tulika finds out that we are working at the same place then she will create a scene. Don’t leave your job, I know that house is like your second family. Nima recalls her relationship with Suman’s family and smiles. Suresh looks at her and they get into an accident. The man comes out and scolds Suresh. Suresh says sorry, Nima begs him but the man calls the police. Suresh looks on.

Suresh, Nima and the man come to the police station. Suresh says I am sorry, I will pay for the damages. The man says I got hurt so I will file a complaint against you. He says I am an influential man so just write a report. The inspector says I will do it. Nima says it was a mistake so we are sorry. The man says what’s the proof that he is a driver? He might have stolen a car also? They were smiling at each other when he hit my car. The inspector asks Suresh to call his boss and ask him to come here. Nima looks on.

Paras is driving his car and recalls his moments with Mania. He then recalls Ganesh’s words. He gets a call and says I am coming there.

Sunita is looking for the paper that Tulika’s father gave. Tulika comes there and asks what are you looking for? Sunita hides the paper from her. Tulika comes there and says you want to play with me? Don’t interfere in my private matters.

Nari is calling Nima, she asks where are you? Nima says I am coming in a bit, I am at a police station. She tells her everything. Nari says I will come. Nima says no, I will handle it. She ends the call. Nari tells Mania and they both leave. Varun hears it.

Varun comes to Tulika and tells her that he heard Nari saying that Suresh is in jail with Nima. Tulika says what was he doing with Nima? Sunita says let’s see what we can do.

Paras arrives at the police station. Mania and Nari arrive there too. Nima sees them and says why did you come? Mania says we had to. How did it happen? Sunita, Tulika and Varun come there too. The man taunts Suresh that you were on a long drive with another woman when this woman Tulika is your wife?

Tulika shouts at Suresh why was he with Nima? They all start arguing. The inspector asks them to leave otherwise he will arrest them. They all go out of the station. Mania and Nari are leaving the station while Paras is coming inside, he doesn’t see them. Paras comes to Nima and Suresh. Nima says sorry for this. He says it’s okay. Paras comes to the inspector. The man says Paras you?

We were school friends. Paras says he is my driver, forgive him. The man says okay. Paras gets a call. Suresh says sorry to Paras. Paras says it’s okay, he says I won’t tell the family. Nima thanks him and gets emotional. Paras asks if he needs to be dropped? Nima says no, it’s fine. Paras leaves.

Tulika, Sunita, Varun, Mania and Nari are waiting outside the police station. Nari is arguing with Tulika. Tulika shouts that what Nima was doing with Nima? Mania asks Nari to let them be. Paras sits in his car and doesn’t see Mania. He drives away. Suresh-Nima come out of the police station. Suresh says sorry to Nima. Tuliks shouts at him and says you should be sorry to me. Suresh says why would I?

Tulika says he is arguing with me because of this woman. She tries to hit Nima but the officer comes there and says we will arrest you. Tulika tries to attack Nima but the inspector takes her away. Sunita asks Suresh to go behind her. Suresh says why would I? She tried to hit my Nima, she should be punished.

Tulika is in the cell. She cries and tells the inspector to forgive her, I was just angry.
Sunita requests Suresh to bring her out of the jail. Suresh says she needs to be there. Nima says it’s not good, bring her out. Suresh says she tried to hit you. Nima says she is a mother of your son so bring her out of the jail.

Suresh looks away. Nima says I will bring her out. Nima comes to the inspector and says I am taking back my complaint, take her out. The inspector brings Tulika out of the cell. Nima starts leaving, Tulika says don’t think you did a favor on me. I know you do this drama to impress Suresh and look like a saint but you are a snake. Nima says you can think anything about me but I don’t care. Nima says bye to Suresh and leaves with her daughters.

Scene 2
Mania tells Nima that why did you go to work? You should have taken an off. Nima says I have taken an off for some days. Mania says did Maaji fire you again? She will call you back soon. Nima says it’s not like that.

Tulika asks Suresh how did all that happen? Suresh says why are you always behind me? You don’t care about me or my family. Tulika asks if you have an affair with Nima? Suresh says you can think anything you want. He leaves her in the rickshaw and leaves. Tulika says he is being too mean to me.

Shiv comes to Sia’s room and says let’s go to meet my sister. Sia says you can go, I am not feeling well. Shiv says should I call a doctor? Sia says I am just tired. Shiv asks if you are hiding something? Sia says I am sorry, I can’t come. Shiv says my sister called you with love, maybe I am not that important in your life. He says bye and leaves.

Suman comes to Paras and recalls Ganesh’s words that he gifted a gold bracelet to some girl. Paras asks if she wants to say something? Suman says what was that bracelet incident? Paras says it was nothing, I gave that bracelet as a thank you gift. I had good intentions, you know I never go against my family. Suman says I know, just promise me that you won’t meet that girl again? You should just focus on Mitali. Paras says I will stay away from that girl except for work.

Nima sees Mania’s bracelet and says how did you get it? Mania says CEO gifted this to me. Nima says why did you take a gift from some stranger? You should have returned it. Don’t take favors from others. Just earn your own money. Mania gets miffed and leaves.

Mania calls Sia and says our Ayi is too strict. Sia says Shiv’s sister invited me to dinner but Ayi said no. Shiv felt so bad when I said no. Mania says it’s just a dinner, listen to your heart, don’t think about Ayi, you know how she is. Don’t worry and just listen to your heart. She ends the call.

Sarla tells Nima why did Suresh make you sit in the car? Nima says he wanted to say something. Sarla says you had to leave your job because of him. Nima says Suresh needs this job, he is alone and has to handle his family. Sarla says why do you always sacrifice? Would he leave his job for you? Nima says I don’t keep hopes from anyone now. I will rest for some days and then look for another job. Sarla says you worked so hard in life but now your daughters are earning so you don’t need to work but still you work hard. Nima says I don’t like to sit and not work.

Shiv meets his sister and brother-in-law. Shiv is sulking because Sia said no. The doorbell rings and Shiv opens the door to find Sia there, drenched in rain. She says I asked the guard about the address. Shiv hugs her tightly and says I am so happy to see you here. Nima is calling Sia but Sia is hugging Shiv and doesn’t see it.


Nima Denzongpa 3rd November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shiv confesses his love to Sia. Nima is worried for Sia. She asks her other daughters. Mania was busy on her phone and says, relax, she is fine. She is with Shiv. Nima asks, Shiv?

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