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Nima Denzongpa 28th October 2021 Sunita takes some firecrackers and says I will show my loyalty to Tulika. She throws the firecrackers near Nima’s house and runs from there but Sunita’s saree catches fire from the diya. She screams to save her. Varun looks on. Nima comes out and sees her saree burning. Tulika and others come there too. Nima rushes to her. Tulika whispers to Varun to not go near her.

Mania goes to bring water. Nima starts dozing off the fire with her hands. Suresh comes there and sees Nima using her hands. The fire dozes off. Sunita says I am fine. I am fine.. thank God. Nari sees Nima’s hands burned. Nima faints so Suresh holds her. Tulika is stunned to see him lifting her in his arms. Suresh brings Nima to her house and caresses her face. He looks at her burned hands and blows on them. He cries for her.

Tulika is waiting for Suresh and says what is going on? Sunita asks her to calm down. Tulika shouts that this happened because of you. Why did you go near Nima’s house? Sunita says I wanted to throw firecrackers in their house to show my loyalty to you. You were dying to marry Suresh and I always supported you. I love you but you know when I hate someone then I don’t spare them. She leaves. Tulika asks Vaurn to go and check on Suresh.

Scene 2
The doctor checks Nima and bandages her hand. He says she needs to take care of her hands and should keep her hand dressed up. He leaves. Varun comes there so Suresh asks him to bring medicines. Nari says I will bring it. Suresh says no, he will do it. Varun goes from there. Sarla asks what happened? Sia says she is fine.

Sarla asks Suresh to go home as Tulika will get angry. Sia says she is right, you should leave. Suresh says okay but if you need anything then tell me. Take care of her. He sadly leaves from there. Nari says Ayi is in this condition because of them. Sia says I won’t go to Pune when Ayi is in this condition. Sarla says we will take care of her. Sia says I can’t leave her like this. She messages Shiv that she won’t be able to come to Pune.

Suresh is going home. Tulika asks why did he lift Nima in his arms? she must be doing drama again. Suresh says are you crazy? She burned her hands while saving my Ayi while you were standing there and doing nothing. You never changed, you are crazy. He leaves from there. Tulika says how will my plan work now?

Nari looks through the window and sees Suresh sitting outside his house. Mania and Sia see him too. Nari says I am witnessing a father’s support for the first time in life. Mania says he took care of us today, Sia says he is a nice man but gets stuck in bad situations, he is all alone.

Tulika comes to Sunita and brings alcohol for her. She says I am sorry for getting angry with you. You are loyal to me and I know it. She cries and says Suresh still runs behind that Nima, I can’t bear it. I need you with me. You are my support as your son hurts me a lot. Sunita says my Suresh will never leave you, just trust me.

Tulika says I used to threaten Suresh to leave the house but now I feel like I am losing him, his heart is still with that Nima. I loved him since I was 13 years old but I never got his love. Tulika hugs her and says promise me you will be with me always. Sunita says I promise, we are one team.

Sia, Mania and Nari come to Suresh. Sia says thank you for taking care of Nima. Suresh says I didn’t do anything, you all are very competent, I am proud of you. They all wish him diwali. Nari smiles at him. Mania gives him sweets and sees his hand burned also.

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