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Nima Denzongpa 25th July 2022 Alok asks Nima to drive. Nima says I can’t drive. Alok says you’re a driver and can’t drive? Sarosh comes and says I am here. Alok says how is he even a man. Nima says don’t joke with me.

Tulika says let’s go. Suresh keeps sweets boxes between them. Tulika says how sweet. Suresh starts driving. They come to his flat. Alok does Tulika’s greh parvesh. He says the groom’s mom does it but I am an orphan. Nima says, liar.. He says what? Nima says you have a wife now. He asks Tulika to come in.

Suresh and Nima collide with her. Alok says you both ruined the ritual. We don’t need you anymore. The watchman comes and says we need sweets? Alok says I am coming. He goes downstairs. Nima locks the door and says what’s happening? You got Tulika married to Alok? This isn’t a joke. They both laugh.

Suresh says did you see how we fooled him for the great parvesh. The pandit was also an actor. The mantra and everything were wrong. Nima says sindur?

Suresh recalls Alok said he wanted to get married right away. Suresh said we will do it right now. Tulika said let me get fresh. Tulika comes back home with ghunghat. It was suresh. He played Tulika’s call and she kept responding on phone under the ghunghat. The wedding started. Suresh took rounds with Alok.

The pandit said the wedding is done. Alok said what about sindur and mangalsutra? Pandit Ji said where is mangalsutra? Alok said Bindu had to bring it. I will make her wear that later. Alok picked sindur. He asked Suresh to take off sindur. Tulika said close your eyes. You can’t see the bride’s face it’s a bad omen.

The groom dies. He closed his eyes. Alok filled Suresh’s hairline and Suresh hid his face. Suresh said I need to see the restroom. He gave the dupatta back to Tulika. Suresh applied a new sindur to her hairline.

Nima says you both did so much. Tulika says we had to. But we will have to stop Alok from coming near Tulika. Nima calls Sunita and tells her everything. Nima says I am very worried for Virat. He doesn’t need to hide from the police. Should I report to the police him being missing? Sunita says yes you should.

Scene 2
Alok comes to the room and says Jiji where are you? Tulika comes. He says you changed the bridal dress? why? Nima says Jiji madam kept waiting for you. Alok says i’s our wedding night tonight. Nima says Jiji madam has to go to Devi temple before the wedding night. You have to wait. Alok says but she can sleep in my room right.

He holds Tulika’s hand. Nima says leaving her hand. He says what? Nima says we should dress her as bride again. Alok says a good idea, I will wait for you in the room. Alok says in the room I will show Jiji this marriage is ruled by me. I won’t repeat the mistake I did with Mona and show her I rule this marriage.

Suresh comes in under ghunghat. Alok says take off your ghunghat. He runs off acting shy. Nima and Tulika laugh. Nima says but he’s after her. What do we do now? Suresh shoves Alok and runs out. He says to Nima what do I do now? Suresh runs, Alok runs after him. Nima comes in and says I got milk for you.

Jiji madam made it for you. Alok says okay I will drink it for her. Alok drinks the milk and says Jiji you also drink it. Nima says it’s for you only. Alok says don’t come between us. Nima falls on her. She says sorry. Alok says go from here. He says Jiji drinks it. Suresh takes the milk glass and drinks it. Alok’s head gets dizzy and he falls asleep. Suresh gets dizzy too.

Nima wakes up Tulika. She sees Suresh and Alok sleeping.

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