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Nima Denzongpa 21st July 2022 Mona says to Suresh we have to expose him. Alok comes and asks what happened? She says I was coming to you. Tulika serves the food. Alok says it looks like a five-star restaurant.

He asks Tulika to make him eat with her hands. He says let me make you eat. She bites his hand. He screams. Tulika says sorry sorry. Tulika is sorry I ruined the mood. He says don’t be upset. Let me get you something. He goes out.

Tulika and Nima laugh. Alok wonders why is she so close to her staff. He says to Jiji close your eyes. I have a surprise. He asks the staff to leave. Tulika closes her eyes. Alok takes out a diamond necklace and makes Tulika wear it. She says it must be so expensive. I can’t take it. He says you’re a special friend to me.

I feel some connection with you. She says but I can’t take it. He says okay then you can give me a gift. She says what? He says a kiss. Tulika says I am not that kind of a woman. He says I am not a disgusting man either.

I gave you so much respect and this necklace and you’re still not trusting me. Suresh nods at Tulika. Tulika says don’t be mad. Close your eyes. I will kill you. Alok closes his eyes. Suresh kisses him. He hides behind the sofa.

Sunita sees the necklace and says it’s so expensive. Tulika says it’s for 5 lacs. Nima says we will return it. We don’t need anything from him. I have to show mummy ji the truth. Alok has two weaknesses, women and money. Tulika says what do we have to do? Nima says pack your bags.

Scene 2
Alok’s bell rings. He opens the door. It’s Tulika. She hugs him and cries. Alok asks what happened? Suresh says let us in first. Alok asks what happened? Suresh says her life is in danger. We know a man who fooled his own brother. Alok asks what happened? Nima sas Jiji madam has a business worth millions.

Her dad gave all that business to Kaka to handle so he can see it until Jiji gets married. Now Kaka wants her to marry a relative so he has all the control. If Jiji marries someone else her husband and she would have it all.

But Kaka doesn’t want that. He sent goons today. Nima says she thought this is the safest place to go. Tulika says can I be so close? But my heart said I can come here. Alok says you did the right thing. I am an expert in hiding. You’re safe here.

Nima calls Sunita. Sunita says everything is ready here. Be ready 3. Sunita asks did Virat call? Nima says no I am very worried for him. Suresh comes to Alok and says you must be tired. Can I do your massage?

Alok says I don’t need it. Suresh says it has many benefits. He says Jiji’s dad used to get a massage done from almond oil mixed with gold dust. He was very smart because of that. Alok says you exaggerate so much. Suresh says madam is very rich. He shows Tulika’s pictures in a big house. Suresh says she keeps it low-key. She says people change when they find out you’re rich. Alok says you’re right.

Suresh says okay I will tell madam you don’t want the massage. Alok says it’s okay to do it. Suresh does his massage. Alok gets a call and says you’re here? He says I am sending my man. He asks Suresh to give the parcel to a man downstairs who’s on the bike. Suresh goes. Alok says Bindu you do my massage.

Nima comes. She says I don’t know massage. He says you’re Jiji’s staff. Do it. Nima spills hot oil on him. Suresh screams. He says Bindu burned me. Nima says I told you I can’t do it. Suresh says Bindu what did you do. They laugh.

Tulika says I hope you’re okay. He says I am in so much pain. Tulika says we should go, we are bothering you so much. I should give everything to kaka and live my life free. Alok says no don’t do that. You all can stay here. Bell rings. Suresh and Nima act scared. They ask Alok to open the door. Alok says don’t worry, relax. Alok opens the door. He sees hockey outside.

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Telecast Date:21st July 2022
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