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Nima Denzongpa 20th January 2022 Nima tells Suresh that she can’t do it. Suresh tells Sunita that she is right, our time for marriage has passed. My marriage with Nima was short-lived but it was nice. All are sad to hear that. Sunita says I destroyed everything, we would have a good family but I messed it up.

Nima says we are a happy family, I have got my mother in you. I want to cry hugging you but I want to smile and live a good life with you and my family. Suresh tells Sunita that she is right, we are like a happy family. Sunita recalls all the times she did wrong with Nima and her daughters.

Sunita tells her daughters that I did bad with you all, please forgive me if you can. I thought you were a curse but you are a blessing and the biggest blessing is Nima. Nima hugs her.

Tulika is sitting in her house and imagines Suresh-Nima getting married and Sunita blessing them. Varun sees her crying and says what will we do now? you are at a mistake, God is punishing you. Tulika says I am still Suresh’s wife legally, I won’t spare him the court, just see what I do.

Nima and her family come back home. She says I prepared for the Garah parvesh but we can have food now. Sia says she is cute. Nima gets Maaji’s call who tells her that we will do the wedding in 2 days. She asks her to send Mania’s measurements for clothes, she ends the call. Nima tells the family. Paras says I will take Mania with me. Nima gives money to Mania and says I took some money from Sarla, I will give her back, just try to spend less and buy something for yourself.

Tulika tells Varun that it’s time to fight for justice. Varun says let’s go to the mandir first and pray. Tulika nods and leaves. Varun steals money from her cupboard. Tulika comes back and asks what is he doing? He says nothing. I was looking for my wallet. I will get ready. She nods and leaves.

Varun gives money to Sunita and says I gave you the money so don’t blackmail me anymore. Sunita says your mother took away our house, she has a lot of money. Take this money and do as I say. Varun says Ayi won’t spare me. Sunita says just do as I say.

Shiv sees Kanchan calling Mayank and takes the call. Kanchan says Mayank I am scared so you should get the reports. Shiv says why are you scared? Kanchan says there is something my life that I can’t tell you. Mayank comes there and looks on. Kanchan tells something to Shiv, he says I can’t believe it, let’s forget it. He leaves. Mayank takes the call and asks Kanchan what did she tell him? She says the truth.

Nima wishes luck to Sunita and Suresh as they are going to the court. Suresh asks Nima to come with them, you will give support to Sunita. Sunita says please come with us, you can handle me.

Mania is at Paras’ house. A designer is there and asks her to choose a dress for herself. Mania looks at the price and is tense. Suman looks on. Ranisa comes there and says you are alone? Where is your family? Maaji says she is an orphan, she doesn’t have a family. Ranisa says then why did you not tell me before?

The court proceeding starts, Sunita says Tulika is still not here. The judge asks where is she? Tulika arrives there in simple clothes.

Maaji tells Ranisa that Mania doesn’t have any close family. Mania is hurt to hear that. Maaji asks Mania to not look at the price, you can’t afford it so we will manage everything.

Tulika cries and tells the judge that I don’t want this divorce, I have always been a nice wife but he still wants to leave me for another woman. The judge asks her to sit down. The judge asks Suresh why he wants to divorce her? Suresh says she has made my life a living hell. Tulika says he is doing all this because he has an affair with this Nima. All look on.

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