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Nima Denzongpa 18th July 2022 Nima stands at the bus stand. She sees a plank falling on the girl. She saves her. The girl stops her and says you look like a good person. I will help you with that woman.

Why would a decent woman want to know about that man? We call him Seth. I don’t know his full name. I can take you to his place. He’s a very bad person. Nima says I need to go there. They follow him into his building. Alok goes in wearing a hoodie. Nima couldn’t see his face He goes in the lift.

The watchman stops Nima. She says I had to go to that man? He says Avinash Ji? Nima says no who Avinash. She prays to find a way. A flower falls in her hands from the temple. Nima says I can’t give up.

Nima goes back to the watchman and says yes I have to go to Avinash ji. She comes outside his flat. Nima says how do I see his face. She rings the bell. Nima hides and sees his face. She’s shocked. Alok looks around.

Nima tells Sunita. She says how can someone be so disgusting. He has given so much pain to his mom, wife, and sister. Virat isn’t home because of him. Sunita says he’s a demon. Nima says I don’t know what to do.

They won’t trust me. Sunita says to tell the police. Nima says I feel like the police are with him too. I am so tired. I can’t even talk to Virat. Sunita says don’t worry. God will help you. Sunita calls someone and says I need your help and so does Nima.

Scene 2
Nima stands in line for the water. A woman shoves her and says move ahead. This isn’t your bungalow. Water timing would be over. Nima says why are you shoving? You could say it. The woman says your rich attitude won’t work here. Nima says to stay within your limit.

The woman says you stay within your limit, let me cut your wings. She comes near Nima. Someone throws a bucket full of water on the woman’s face. It’s Tulika. Nima is shocked to see her. Tulika says I will cut your hands. She hugs Nima how are you? Nima says how did you come? The woman says now you will fight with me because of this Nima?

Tulika says you all bully women who are alone. She’s not alone. Tulika is back. The woman calls her husband Prakash. He picks water to throw on them. Someone comes on the bike and throws mud on them. It’s Suresh. Nima says, Suresh. Suresh says I will always be there for Nima and Tulika. No one dares to bully Nima.

Scene 3
The watchman asks Alok why madam went so early. Alok says what woman? He says a woman came to meet you last night. Alok says but no one came here.
Suresh says to Nima why didn’t you tell me anything Nima? Tulika says they don’t trust me. Nima says no you both just started a new life.

I didn’t know aai called you both. Suresh says you know you’ve been the biggest part of my life. You said we can be friends. Won’t you let your friend help you? You don’t have to be alone? Tulika says I have an idea.

Nima says thank you for coming. Tulika tells them the idea. Nima says no this is very risky. Suresh says no one knows Tulika and me other than you and Virat. Tulika says I will make it work. Suresh says yes we will work as a team.

Sunita does Tulika’s makeup. Suresh says I missed this. Nima gets a call. She thinks it’s Virat. It’s from a bank. Nima cries missing Virat. She recalls her moments with Virat. Suresh comes. He says I know you’re sad I know it’s not easy. She says I am so tired. If Virat was here, I would have been braver.

He calls me every day from different numbers. I don’t know where is he. I am very worried about him. Virat says don’t worry. He might be stuck somewhere. God will fix everything. Sunita says Tulika is ready. They look at her. Suresh laughs. Suresh says we don’t have to scare her. Tulika says look what she did to me. Nima says we can fix this.

Scene 4
Tulika comes to Alok’s building and collides with him. She smiles looking at him. Alok smiles back. Nima and Suresh are hidden behind the pillar.

He says I tried saving you from falling. She says thank you. He says just to thank you? She says what else do you want? I am waiting for an estate agent. She says why am I telling you all this? He says I like you are telling me your problem.

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