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Nima Denzongpa 15th November 2021 Paras wakes up in the morning, Suman asks if he is feeling fine? Ginesh says he is a hero, nothing will happen to him. Your son has started fighting with goons these days. Babita laughs. Ginesh asks Paras to tell them why he gave an off to Suresh, what happened yesterday?

Paras says he wanted to early so I gave him an off. Ginesh says I talked to Suresh and he said you asked him to leave early. Suresh comes there so Ginesh asks if Paras asked you to leave early yesterday? Suresh says yes.

Ginesh says Paras is saying you wanted to leave early so who is lying? Suresh says Paras didn’t me an off from work, he gave me some papers and asked me to get them signed by a person so I left him alone. We are not lying. Paras says yes, I had to get papers signed. Ginesh says you both should have clarified that. Paras silently thanks Suresh.

Sarla asks Nima to think about it, you kept telling your daughters to focus on their career first and now you.. Nima says I just asked them to become independent, my Sia is in pain. Sarla says so you will get Sia and Shiv married? Nima says if Shiv loves her then he will wait for her. I just want them to wait till they are both stable in their careers. Nima calls Shiv but he is getting ready as a groom. He takes the call. Nima asks if they can meet? Shiv says I am in Puna right now, can we meet tomorrow? Nima says fine and ends the call.

Bakay is bringing groceries, Suresh helps him and takes the groceries to the kitchen.
Asha comes to the kitchen and steals some food items. She turns to see Suresh standing there, he smirks at her. She asks what are you doing here? Suresh says I brought groceries. He says I saw you hiding it, it’s good that it was me only, I won’t tell anyone. These people are rich so they won’t know. We know each other for years so I am on your side. Asha says it’s so good that you are with me, you did well by ditching that Nima.

Nima tells Mania that Shiv is still in Pune, I will talk to him tomorrow. Nari says Sia is not eating anything, she is crying for a guy? These love matters are messy. Mania says everyone is different. Nari says I can’t see Sia like this. Mania asks Nima if we should tell Sia that you are trying? Nima says I don’t want to give her hope if Shiv doesn’t agree, I will talk to Shiv first. She says Shiv said that he will reach today so I can go to his home. I will talk to him as I can’t see my Sia like this. Mania says we don’t have his address. Nari says we can get it from Naina as she is Shiv’s friend also. Mania says I will get it from her. Nima says I will go alone and don’t let Sia know anything.

Varun is talking to his friends and says nobody knows that I am missing college. I am fooling everyone nicely. Sunita comes there and asks who is he fooling? Varun says just a friend. Sunita says where is your mother? Tulika arrives there. Sunita asks where did you go? Tulika says I have good news, she gives the property papers to her. Sunita asks what’s this? Tulika says these are property papers, I got them made as you asked. 70% yours and 30% mine. She leaves. Sunita says she agreed easily?

Paras tells Ginesh that I have to collect CT scan reports. Ginesh says you are not well. Suman asks him to rest. Paras says I am fine. Suman says Suresh can collect the reports. Ginesh says I will go and pick the reports on my way to the office. Paras thinks if papa goes then he might find out everything.

Nari gets a call from her sir and says I can’t come. She ends the call. Nima asks what happened? Nari says there is an inter-college mathematics competition, it’s a big competition so my sir asked me to participate in it but it’s in Bangalore and we have to leave in an hour so I can’t go. Nima says it’s a big chance, you can’t waste it, you should go. Call your sir and tell him that you are coming. Nari hugs her and goes to pack her bags. Mania says Naina gave Shiv’s address. Nima smiles and says seems like everything will be fine now.

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