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Nima Denzongpa 15th July 2022 Nima asks pandit ji to take his sheet off. Mona comes in.. She says what are you doing near my husband’s body? She shoves her and says police let me go. You killed my Alok Ji. She cries and says I couldn’t keep you happy for even one day. She shoves Mona and says go away from here.

Get lost. You killed my husband. Alok says she’s such a drama. I have to get stamps and a company checkbook from Virat’s room. Pandit Ji stops Alok. Gulshan says this Nima became a curse for my family. Virat couldn’t even come to his brother’s funeral. Pandit ji does pooja. Sunita and Sia come too.

Sunita says come with us, please. Nima says I have to stay here and solve things. I have to prove Virat’s innocence. Sia says we can delay going to Puna. Nima says no we can’t delay that. You both should start a new life. Shiv says we can’t leave you alone. Nima says don’t worry I will be in touch. Sia hugs her. Nima asks her to take care.

Alok sneaks into Virat’s room and looks for the stamps and papers. Nima is coming there. Nima sees her and says who are you and what are you looking for? Nima says it’s the same woman. Nima says stay there. He shoves Nima and runs.

Nima runs after him. Alok tells his fake police to stop Nima. Nima comes out and says to the inspector stop that woman. He is a man. They say stop doing this drama. We have to keep an eye on you.

Scene 2
Nima cries and says everything is so messed up. She asks Gulshana are you okay? Priyal says you’re asking that after killing her son? Nima says you know everything. Mona says you are such an evil woman. You killed my husband. Nima says why would I do that? Priyal says for Virat’s wealth. Mona says you took my Alok ji.

Dadi says go from here. I don’t want to see your face. You have five minutes, leave right now. Take what you want. Nima says I only wanted your love. Priya says get out. Nima leaves the house. Virat calls Nima. Nima asks how are you? He says I had to change my location. Nima tells him about the man who was dressed as a woman. He says I can’t trust anyone.

Mona and Priyal cry. Mona says I lost my Alok. Priyal tells Mona that Alok actually attacked Nima, Virat, Roy, and herself. She says he attacked Virat too. Mona says that can’t be true. I trust my simple and nice Alok. He didn’t deserve to die.

Mona cries. She says I won’t live here. Gulshan says you will also leave me alone? Mona says this house has given me a lot of pain. Gulshan says at least Virat’s hope to come back is here. Mona hugs her and cries. Gulshan says I won’t let anything wrong happen now.

Scene 3
Nima waits on the road. There are so call girls on the road. Nima stands on the side. A girl says the new guy I got, he pays me a lot. I don’t need to go with anyone else. The man comes, it’s Alok. He sees Nima’s back and says I want that one day.

He says you look here.. Nima looks back it’s Alok. Nima why did he feel like Alok? She runs after the car. Nima says what’s the truth? The girl says to others that your man was attracted to her. The pr*stitute asks her to leave. Nima says do you know him? I will pay you, tell me about him, please. They ask her to leave.


Nima Denzongpa 16th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nima is in water line, a woman pushes Nima, Tulika. Suresh comes to save her and warns others not to mess with Tulika and Nima.

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Telecast Date:15th July 2022
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