Nima Denzongpa 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update


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Nima Denzongpa 12th November 2021

Mania tells Nima that it’s not like Sia wanted to fall in love but she really likes Shiv. Don’t be angry with her. Nima looks on. Mania says we can’t control over who we love. Sia didn’t want to disappoint you that’s why she lied to Shiv and said that she has a fiance. Sia tried to do everything she could but she is very sad. Nima says I don’t want her to lose focus, I don’t want her to be blinded by love. I just know I will do everything that is right for Sia.

Suman and Ginesh are waiting for Paras. He comes home and has a bandage on his head. Ginesh asks what happened? All rush to him. Maaji asks how did he get hurt? Paras says I am fine, the doctor said I am fine now. Ginesh says how did it happen? what about the car? Paras says it’s fine. Ginesh says it was not an accident? Paras says no, I had a scuffle with someone. Ginesh says why would you fight? Where was your driver? Paras says he left early. Ginesh says just answer me who it was, I will file an FIR. Just tell me what happened. Paras acts like he is in pain. Hemant says let him rest for some time. Ginesh says I won’t spare those goons. He asks Paras to rest. Paras leaves.

Ginesh calls Suresh and asks if he doesn’t want to work for them? You could have asked me before leaving today early. Suresh says Paras asked me to leave early, I didn’t want to but he asked me to. Ginesh ends the call and asks what is going on with Paras?

Nima asks Nari where is Sia? Nari says she went to sleep. Nima says let her rest. She should rest. Nima says I am not hungry. Mania says at least eat something, you know everything so what will you do now? Nima says we can’t be hasty with these things. I will think tomorrow.

Tulika tells Sunita that you gave me the kitchen area so I will divide food now. Suresh comes there and asks what is going on? Sunita says you both keep fighting but I get involved. Suresh sees Sunita and Tulika fight over the house. He smirks.

Paras gets Mania’s message, she thanks him and asks him to medicines on time. Paras smiles and messages her that he did what was right so don’t thank him. Mania smiles and messages him that nobody protected me like this before. Paras says I will always protect you. Mania and Paras keep smiling recalling their moments together. They look at their photos. Mania thinks what’s happening to me? I shouldn’t get carried away.
Nima thinks Sia is in pain, should I let her have her happiness? When we are young, we get blinded by love. But I should trust my daughter. She thinks my mother also trusted me but see what I did. What if Sia loses herself in love as I did? I can’t be a hurdle between her and her love.

In the morning, Nima is lost in thoughts. Suresh meets her and asks what happened? Nima says nothing. Suresh says I know you, you look tense, we never lie to each other so tell me. Nima sighs and says do you remember that day when I left everything and came to Mumbai with you. Suresh says I always think about that. Nima says what if I didn’t come with you that day, what would you do? Would you have waited for me if I didn’t come that day with you? Suresh says I should have stayed, I never took a stand for you. I was blinded by love so I took you away from your family. Nima says we were kids, we did foolish things. Thank you for giving me direction, she goes from there. Suresh looks on.

Sia is sadly watching TV. Nima comes to her and says you didn’t eat anything yesterday. Have some biscuits. Sia ignores her. Nima looks on. She recalls Suresh’s words and says maybe Shiv is a good guy and would wait for Sia. She calls Shiv but he is getting ready for his wedding.

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