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Nima Denzongpa 11th November 2021 Suresh tells Sunita that I have done everything for you so what’s this house? Just tell me and I will give the house to that person. He thinks I have been their puppet my whole life but I will change the game now. He leaves. Tulika says he agreed so easily? Sunita says he can never say no to me. I will own this house now. Tulika looks on.

Nari tells Nima that I did well on the tests. I wish you had studied also. Nima recalls how her mother used to tell her to focus on her studies. Nima says I couldn’t focus on my studies but I know you will make me proud.

Suman comes to Maaji and says I wanted to talk to you. She says we have a wedding coming up so we shouldn’t hire a new maid, we should call Nima back. Maaji says she ditched us so we won’t call her back. Maaji sees Asha leaving and asks why are you still here till late? Asha says the kitchen was dirty so I cleaned it properly, your old maid was slow and sloppy. Don’t worry, I will do my work properly. She leaves. Maaji says this maid is hardworking, I will confirm her job. Asha is tense as she has stolen food items from the kitchen and leaves.

Suman calls Nima and says Maaji hired another maid. Nima says it’s okay, I will find another job. Thank you for considering me. Suman says I don’t like that woman, I want you back. Just take some days off and I will figure out something. Nima says okay and ends the call. Nima tells Nari that I have off for some more days.

Nima is waiting for Mania and asks Nari to call her. Mania picks the call and says I am in the hospital. Nima takes the call and asks what happened? Mania says the company’s CEO got hurt so I took him to the hospital, I will come back when his family arrives. Nima says tell me if you need anything.

Mania tells sorry to Paras. He says you made me a face and fight someone for the first time. Mania says you looked hot and thought when you fought him. Paras says thank you for bringing me to the hospital, I couldn’t trust your driving. Mania says don’t tease me, it’s good we were there for each other. The doctor tells Mania that we have to do his CT scan.

Paras asks Mania to go home. She says no, I will stay here till you need me. Hemant arrives there so Paras asks him to drop her off. She says I can go home, she asks Hemant to stay with him. Paras asks Mania to call him when she reaches home. She says sure and leaves.

Sunita can’t stop smiling. Tulika asks if she has a boyfriend? Sunita says I never became an owner of anything but I will be the owner of this house now. Tulika says don’t forget that I will have a share in this house also. Sunita says I remember, you can take s small portion of the house. you can take the kitchen place but I will own the remaining house. Tulika says I gave a grandson to you so we should do 50-50. Sunita says no, I own this place now.

Mania tells Nima about the fight. She asks where is Sia? Nima says she had work. Sia arrives home and is sad. Nima asks what happened? Sia says I am sleepy, I will take a rest. She goes from there. Nima sees that she didn’t even eat lunch.

Hemant tells Paras that you are changing, we do business but you are fighting goons now? Paras says I couldn’t see a goon touching Mania. Hemant asks if he has something going on with Mania? Paras says don’t worry, it’s not like that. He says what will I tell to papa?

Nima talks to Mania and says Sia looks lost these days. She doesn’t smile anymore. Mania says she must be worried about work. Nima asks what happened to Sia? I am her mother but you are her friend so tell me what’s the issue? Mania says I don’t want to break Sia’s trust but I think she needs us both. Nima says I want the best for her. Mania says Sia did a mistake. Mania tells her about Sia and Shiv and what happened in Pune. Mania tells Nima that Sia has started loving Shiv also. Nima is stunned hearing that.


Nima Denzongpa 12th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Nima asks Mania and Naari about Sia. Naari says she was still in the same mood and went to sleep after coming home. Nima serves dinner to them. Naari asks what about you? Nima says, I am not hungry. In night, Nima recalls Mania’s words that Sia tried a lot, but her heart is broken. She thinks what to do… whether I should let Sia live on her terms. She used to get so happy whenever Shiv’s topic came. If Sia goes through the same in love like me and loses herself, then what will happen?

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Telecast Date:11th November 2021
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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