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Nima Denzongpa 10th November 2021 Suman comes home and Asha welcomes her. Suman says who are you? Asha says Maaji hired me today only. Suresh comes there and is shocked to see her. She makes a face at him and leaves. Suman is disappointed that Maaji hired another maid.

Mania comes to Sia’s office to use the washroom. Mania looks at a girl’s bracelet and says someone gifted me a bracelet like this but I had to return. The girl is Mitali and says my fiance gifted it to me, it’s not my style but I am just wearing it. Mania says my mom made me return it. She leaves.

Asha brings tea for Suresh and says you are leaving this job right? I will get Amol appointed on this job. Suresh says I am not leaving the job. Asha says I heard that Nima left this job. Suresh looks on. Asha says we never met after that fight. I heard that you married another woman but you still have an affair going with that Nima? I heard some Nima used to work here.

Suresh says there can be many Nima’s in the world. I divorced Nima and have nothing to do with her now. I remember my friendship with Amol and miss him. Asha says it’s good you realized that Nima was useless. Happy to see you here. She leaves. Suresh thinks she shouldn’t know it was Nima only. I have to be careful.

Sarla brings a pickle to Nima. Nima says I love it. She says Suman called me back on the job, she is always there for me. I am happy to be back there. Sarla says they can’t be without you. Nima says they have always helped me. Suman is helping me still, I can never hurt her. Suman will hide Suresh and my relationship.

Suresh is in the car with Suman and says Asha knows about me and Nima. She says what? Suresh says yes, Asha is not a good woman. She did bad with Nima. He tells her everything. Suman says I didn’t like her, I won’t let her work in my house. Suresh says if you fire her then she will make an issue. Suman says Maaji hired her so I can’t do much. Suresh says I made Asha believe that I don’t have a relationship with Nima anymore and it was some other Nima in your house.

Asha accepted my lie. We have to keep Asha close. He asks her to keep Nima away from Asha. We will do something to send Asha away. Suman says we have to do something so Asha leaves this job. Suresh says Asha will do something bad soon and Maaji will fire her. Till then we have to keep Nima away from her. Suman says I agree.

The manager is on the call with Shiv. Sia takes the call and says I am really sorry. Please give me a chance to talk. Shiv ends the call and is sad. His sister says I am waiting, hurry up. Shiv looks on.

Suresh is driving Paras home. He says I am sorry for leaving the job earlier. Paras says it’s okay. Paras sees Mania in the market and asks Suresh to stop the car. He asks Suresh to go home, I will drive from here. Suresh says okay and gets down from the car. Suresh leaves from there. Mania is buying veggies. Paras comes there in his car and asks how is she? She says I am fine, how are you?

He says good. She starts leaving but Paras says I have to say something. I am not a rude person. Mania says I know. A goon touches Mania inappropriately so Mania slaps him. He grabs Mania but Paras punches him hard. Mania is stunned and asks if he is fine? Paras says I can’t believe I fought a goon. The goon hits Paras on the head and he starts bleeding. Mania makes him sit in the car. He asks if she can drive? Mania says a little bit. She prays to God and drives away.

Suresh comes home and sees Tulika, Sunita sitting sadly. Suresh asks what’s going on? Sunita says we don’t like you near Nima. You should give this house to me. Tulika says me too. Suresh laughs and says that’s it? I have done everything as my Ayi said in life, what do you need from me? I will do anything. Sunita looks on. Suresh thinks I am done being their puppet but not anymore. See how I change the game now.

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