Naagin Season 6 31st July 2022 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with fire brigade taking the dead body from the room. Pratha thinks she had become Kiara for this day. Someone asks Pratha and Rajesh Pratap to complete the marriage rituals. While Pratha’s grah pravesh is done, the fire brigade takes the dead body from there.

Pratha looks at the dead body from far and gets sad. Hamesha tumko chaha plays….The police constable asks whose watch and wallet is this? Mahek sees it and confirms that it was Rishabh’s stuff. She shouts and cries. Chanda cries. Pratha tries to go there, but Rajesh’s bhabhi asks her not to see the dead body as it is inauspicious to see dead body on the marriage day.

Pratha thinks she had come to take revenge, but the God has taken the revenge, she didn’t know that her bridal dress will be bad for him. The police takes the dead body of Rishabh. She thinks of their moments.

Pratha thinks of Rishabh. Vijay tells Mahek that her husband died in the dangerous incident today, and says after the formalities, they will handover his dead body to her, so that she can do his last rites. Mahek thinks if Rishabh died. Pratha thinks of Rishabh and goes from there. Mahek says Rishabh is dead.

Urvashi says it is good that he died, and says you used to love him for money. She says he had gone up to his Pratha, to her lover. Urvashi says Pratha had never betrayed him, we had played the game of betrayal with him, it is good that he died. She says you had kissed and hugged Inspector vijay for 15 mins as Pratha, and Rishabh got angry thinking his wife has betrayed him. She asks Mahek to start drama to cry and pretend as if your husband died. It turns out that it is Pratha indisguise of Mahek.

She says I don’t care with his death. Urvashi says enjoy the wealth of Gujral. Pratha goes out and runs. She thinks of Urvashi’s words that Rishabh would have never loved her (Mahek) as he was drown in love with Pratha. Pratha cries and thinks of Rishabh. She recalls his words and their moments.

She recalls his last words that he wishes that she would be the same whom he loved. She recalls the Police taking the dead body. Rajesh Pratap comes to Pratha and says everyone is waiting for you downstairs. Pratha cries still.

Rajesh Pratap says the person who died in fire was Rishabh and says it was your mission, it is completed. Pratha says Rishabh had never betrayed me, I loved him much and he loved me too. She says it was conspiracy of that two devil women, they betrayed us, and says he loved me immensely…she cries and goes. Rajesh Pratap is shocked.

Later Divya comes to Rajesh Pratap and says Pratha came to know that Rishabh was not bad. Divya asks why are you effected? Rajesh Pratap says Pratha loves him even now. Divya says your marriage with her is fake, and we shall save this haveli and shall not let the secret out.

Urvashi brings Shakti to the secret room and locks him. She says I got you freed from the jail and I am more powerful thank you, asks him to do as she says and stop roaring. She goes. Shakti gets up and says Deepika is just mine, of Shakti.

During the Rishabh’s mourning meet, Mahek cries badly. Urvashi comes there. Mahek says she is tired of crying and asks until when she shall cry. Urvashi asks why did you get emotional yesterday. Mahek says she didn’t.

She says she is hungry and asks if they shall not have food for 13 days. Urvashi asks her to see at Rishabh’s brothers who are eating the chips. Reem asks Ritesh to give the chips. Ritesh says bhai has died, and says he is eating it as he is sad and when he is sad he feels hungry. Reem says even she used to love him.

She says she lost Rishabh and then RPS. Ritesh says you got married to me. Shakti looks outside through the hole, and sees Pratha, Divya and Rajesh Pratap coming there. He looks at Pratha and hits his hand on the wall, injuring himself.

Rehaan and Ritesh talk about someone. The reporters come there. Mahek applies lipstick to her lips. She tells reporters that she used to love Rishabh a lot. Pratha comes there and sits. Rehaan lies to Divya. Divya says whatever you say, will come truthful. Some Naagin comes and hugs Pratha.

She says Shesh Naagin shall come, takshak is going to come. Pratha sits near Rishabh’s photo frame and cries thinking about him. She recalls his words with him. She apologizes to him and says she will come to him, for his support. Mahek applies lipstick and says Takshak is going to come, we will get whatever we want. She says Naag Panchmani night, Naagon ke Naag Takshak will come in NaagMahal.

She says only Shesh Naagin will open that door through which they come. She says Naag Panchami is the festival celebrated in all the world. She says she will demand something from takshak. Urvashi asks how will you go from here.

Lalit tells Mahek that she needs to be at home. Mahek tells about her mannat to feed milk to snake, for Rishabh soul peace. Lalit says you need to be here for Mriyunjay Jaap. Mahek talks to Rehaan. Pratha thinks to do the puja.

Mahek comes to the temple for the Naag Panchami rasam. She pours milk on the shivling and says time has come to welcome the Takshak and says she will ask what she wants and he will give her. Lalit does the puja.

Mahek comes to the door and touches it to open it, but she falls down far. She thinks why the door pushed me back. She touches again, and is pushed back. Mahek comes to the temple and prays to Shiv ji. All the snake family becomes snakes while she dances.

Mahek thinks she has done the tandav and pleased Shiv ji. She touches the door and falls down. It is Pratha who indisguise of Mahek, does the puja as Rishabh’s wife. Mahek blows the fire with her mouth, but the door doesn’t open. She thinks yeti didn’t attack me, and thinks if she is no longer shesh naagin.

Mahek completes the puja for Rishabh’s soul peace. She swears on the ashes and says I will make your life as ash. She comes to the temple wearing white saree, recalling Urvashi’s words that it is good that Rishabh died before the secret is unveiled.

She says today is Maha Naag Panchami and it comes once in 100 years and takshak comes once. She says he is the Raja of Naagins and fulfills our wish. She says he shall fulfill our wish and I will ask Rishabh, and he has to return my Rishabh to me.

Precap: Mahek shouts and tells Urvashi that Shesh Naagin is Pratha and not me. Pratha dances. Mahek says Pratha will die at yeti’s hands. Yeti tries to smash Pratha under his feet.


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