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Naagin Season 6 30th October 2022 Episode starts with Pratha asking Mahadev to show her the divine door of the treasure. The naagmani doesn’t come out of her navel. Pratha thinks why the naagin haven’t appeared.

Mayuri comes there and says so you have come in your real avatar. She says she is Moorni, enemy of her, she is Mayuri. Pratha and Mayuri start fighting. Mayuri says today there is no moon, so your power is half. Mayuri as peacock attacks Pratha who is half naagin and half human avatar. Pratha also fights back and hits Mayuri. Mayuri continues to attack Pratha. Pratha gets injured and faints.

Pandit ji is doing aarti while everyone is standing. Pratha gains consciousness, and says whenever kaal comes the savior comes to end it and when moon doesn’t come then kaali comes. Other snake comes there and fights with Mayuri. Pandit ji and others notice naag and naagin in the temple. Rudra says how we will know who is Shesh Naagin here? Pratha sees other snake fighting with Mayuri and wonders who is she? The other snake takes human avatar and is about to leave.

Pratha gives her Mahadev’s swear and asks her to show her face. Prarthana turns and Pratha is shocked to see her as Naagin. Prarthana says she is Naagin of Naagins, shesh naagin. Pratha says you are Shesh Naagin. Zang comes there and looks at them. Prarthana takes the Shesh Naagin form shocking Pratha and the naagmani appears from her navel. The door appears infront of them.

Zang smiles. Pratha realizes that Prarthana had attacked Rishabh. Pratha asks Prarthana when did you come to know that you are naagin. Prarthana asks when did you come to know that you was naagin. She says she became naagin to fulfill her responsibilities. Pratha asks if Professor knew about that, if he made you understand the responsibilities of a naagin. Zang thinks Raichand hit the jackpot and thinks to bring Shesh Naagin there when that special nakshatra comes there.

Rishabh tells Rudra that they shall search the Shesh Naagin. Pratha prays to Mahadev and prays that her powers shall be used for good use. Rishabh comes there. Mayuri attacks Risabh. Pratha takes half naagin avatar and says today I will not leave you, she attacks Mayuri. Rishabh sees Pratha as half naagin and gets shocked.

Pratha makes Mayuri falls down. She brings Rishabh home and thinks he won’t be same Rishabh when he gains consciousness. She hears someone coming, becomes naagin and goes out of the window. Rudra comes there and calls Rishabh. Rishabh gains consciousness and recalls seeing Pratha as the Naagin.

Rudra asks what happened? Pratha comes back to Naag Mahal and talks to her Nani’s frame, and says she wanted to live ordinary life, but was made as Shesh Naagin. She says she had sacrificed the powers to raise up Anmol, and tells that her other daughter married to her daughter’s love. She says today her husband saw her naagin avatar and tells that she couldn’t become a good mother or wife, how to go home and see in Rishabh’s eyes. She sits down. She thinks she has to face the truth and can’t run away.

She comes home and is stopped by Anmol. Pratha thinks Rishabh told my truth to everyone. She sees Rishabh standing and thinks he told the truth to everyone. Anmol says she asked her to stop as there is a rangoli on the floor. She says Prarthana is a good creator.

Rudra asks Prarthana and tells that color is on her face. She tries to wipe it. Rudra says he will clean and cleans with his handkerchief. Anmol stops and looks at them. Her friend tells that this is SRK style. Anmol says Rudra didn’t see me properly and tells that when he sees my hot look, he will stare me. Pratha comes to her room.

Manya is making Rishabh have sweets. Rishabh tells that your Mami gave me betrayal in love, and then tells that she has never betrayed him. Manya says I wish to have same love between my husband and me. Pratha says I am sorry Rishabh. Rishabh asks for what? For hiding truth from me, for making me disbelief on trust. Pratha says I thought to tell you. He says 23 years passed, and you didn’t have 23 seconds to say.

He says I never believed on Naag and Naagin and says my lover is Naagin, whom I got married. He says if you want to tell something then I want to hear, and asks her to tell her lies, who was she? He asks her to tell the truth, who is she? Pratha thinks there is one more truth. She says Rishabh…

Chanda comes there and asks them to come down for Diwali puja. Rishabh goes. Chanda sits with Pratha and says I know that you are worried and says I understand a mother’s pain. She says Anmol was very happy, but her happiness is lost and asks her to make her understand that life doesn’t end.

Prarthana gets ready for Diwali party. Rudra comes there and asks her to stop, says one thing is missing, brings sindoor and fills in her maang. He says this sindoor binds two people for forever and the relation is very scared. She turns to go and asks him to leave her dupatta. He asks if I don’t leave it. She finds her dupatta stuck with the chair, frees it and goes.

Pratha sees Prarthana going and follows her to terrace. She says I want to talk to you. Prarthana refuses to hear. Pratha asks her not to forget that she is her mother and pushes her. Prarthana falls. Everyone hears the voice inside the house. Pratha takes half naagin avatar. Prarthana asks her not to get that she is Shesh Naagin. She takes Shesh Naagin’s avatar. Pratha says I can see revenge in your eyes. Prarthana says yes, I came for revenge and holds Pratha in her tail.

She asks why did you come in this house. Pratha says to save this country. Prarthana says so you got married to the guy who is the traitor. She says you have come here to take revenge, but you loved him. Rishabh recalls his marriage with Pratha. Pratha says Rishabh is not desh drohi, I had thought him wrong,

he is your Papa. Prarthana says no, he is not my Papa, he was killed by your desh drohi husband. A heavy wind comes, they close the door. Prarthana says my Papa had sent you to save the country and you married him and gave birth to me. She says my Papa gave me good values, and it is good that I became Shesh Naagin, now I can take revenge from your husband. Pratha says my husband didn’t kill your Papa. Prarthana says he killed my Papa and gets angry.

She brings a storm and fire. She tells Pratha that Rishabh is ruining the country again after 20 years, and tells that my Papa called you to save country from the pandemic, and you got married to the traitor.

Pratha says Rishabh is not desh drohi. Prarthana says all the proofs are pointing finger at him and you are refusing to believe. Chanda does the aarti. Rishabh looks on. Pratha says he is your Papa. Prarthana says he is not my Papa, my papa is dead. Pratha tells that he is alive, he loves Anmol so much, but when he comes to know that Rudra loves you, he got you married to him. She says Rishabh loves his country the most.

Prarthana says love is blind, and says she felt the love for 2 mins, but then realizes that he is imposter and he can’t love anyone. Pratha says I will not let anyone get even a scratch. Prarthana says she will kill everyone, and tells that Anmol stopped her so that she don’t feel embarassment in the Diwali party. Prarthana asks did you see your Papa’s dead body in your arms. Pratha says I saw.

Prarthana asks why can’t you feel my pain. Pratha says a naagin takes her revenge, but Shesh Naagin takes the revenge for the country and don’t take her personal revenge. Prarthana says this is her country revenge. Pratha says she will throw her out in 2 days. Prarthana says she will kill Rishabh in 2 days. Pratha holds Prarthana with her tail. Prarthana takes full snake form.

Pratha lights fire around Prarthana. Prarthana sets off the fire and catches Pratha in her tail. She then leaves her. She then throws fire balls near Pratha. Pratha keeps hand on the fireballs to stop them. Prarthana comes there. Chanda asks her to take aarti. She asks Rudra to come and take aarti. Pratha also comes there. Chanda calls her for aarti. Pratha and Prarthana take aarti. Anmol signs her friends.

Zang tells his partners that Shesh Naagin is found. Raichand says our deal shall be revised, when Shesh Naagin is my bahu then I shall get extra. Zang kills a guy and says I hate greedy persons. Raichand gets shocked. Anmol spikes a drink and thinks this will be a new start.


Naagin Season 6 30th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rishabh tells that Zang and his people will search Shesh Naagin and will take her there. Pratha tells Rishabh that she is not Shesh Naagin. Rishabh asks who is Shesh Naagin then? Pratha says Prarthana and says she had married Rudra for revenge. Rishabh asks for what? Pratha says she wants to take revenge from you. Pratha asks Mahadev to save her husband from her daughter. Chanda asks Pratha to be careful as her mangalsutra get stuck. Prarthana says her revenge fire will burn. Pratha says may be it will burn you.

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