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Naagin Season 6 29th October 2022 Episode starts with everyone coming to Anmol. Anmol gets up and says she don’t want anyone’s lecture, and blames Rishabh for giving Prarthana’s hand in Rudra’s hand. She says you didn’t think about me once and snatched my love from me. Pratha says you would have thought about Anmol once. Rishabh says it was not in my hands, we can’t make anyone love us forcibly.

Anmol says I loved him so much. Rishabh and Pratha take Anmol inside. Rudra tells Prarthana that whatever happened was not right and says the way we got married is not right, though I love you. Prarthana says it is my mistake, I shouldn’t have sit on Anmol’s place. Pratha comes to Anmol and asks her to have food. Anmol refuses. Urvashi comes to Anmol and instigates her against Prarthana,

and says your parents’ eyes are on Prarthana only. Anmol says it is not true. Urvashi tells Patali that they should do something big. Patali burns Prarthana’s pallu while keeping candle close to her. Rishabh and Rudra set off the fire. Rishabh asks Anmol how did the fire got caught. Urvashi says the fire in Anmol’s heart will not set off. Anmol comes to her room and throws Rudra and her photo frames. She sits down and cries.

Urvashi and Patali come there. Urvashi tells Anmol that you have supported Prarthana so much, if you had went away from mandap, what was the need for her to sit on the mandap. She says this was her drama, she might have loved Rudra and that’s why taken advantage. Patali says they were in office together and we didn’t think that this will happen.

Urvashi tells Anmol that she is stupid to hurt herself and asks her to keep her closer to her eyes and break her marriage like she has broken her marriage. Rudra and Prarthana are leaving. Anmol stops them and asks them to attend the Diwali party. Rudra says I have hurt you a lot and shall not stay here. Pratha says let them go for honeymoon. Anmol says I regard Prarthana as my sister,

and tells that she has realized that it was one sided love, and says lets forget it and celebrate Diwali. She says if you go then everyone will think that Anmol was depressed and if you stay back, then they will think that Anmol is not effected. Rudra agrees. Anmol asks them to stay in the decorated room, which was decorated for them. She asks him to tell the people that she has done break up with him.

Prarthana asks Rudra why did he tell that he loves her? Rudra says I love you. She says I sat in the mandap thinking I will make Anmol sit on the mandap. He says I know, I will not come near you, and will wait for the day when she also loves him. Prarthana tells that she will sleep on sofa. Rudra says I will sleep. He says he has to work on some information and he has to do work alone. He thinks he can’t risk Prarthana’s life. She thinks to get this diary.

Pratha thinks there is surely something that Prarthana married Rudra. Rishabh comes there and sees wax falling on her hand. He finds her hand fine. Pratha says she has so much pain in her heart that she is not feeling this pain. Prarthana gets up in night and comes to Rudra to get his tablet. He wakes up and asks what is he doing? She says I came to cover you with blanket and fell down.

Rudra goes to do work. Rishabh and Rudra talk about Vasuki temple and the treasure door will opened by Shesh Naagin. He tells that Vasuki Naag had taken his avatar when the attackers try to get the treasure, and then he took the Samadhi, and the door was closed. He says Shesh Naagin will come there to open the door. He says Zang and his mean need Shesh naagin to get the treasure.

Zang meets team members and tells that Vasuki Naag is protecting the treasure and we have made the plan to get it. He says all the naag and naagin will come there, including Shesh Naagin. He says we have to search Shesh Naagin. Rishabh says we have to go to Vasuki Shesh Naagin. Prarthana hears them and thinks to go there and take her revenge. Rishabh comes to Pratha and tells that he is in search of Shesh Naagin and he will go to Vasuki temple. Pratha says she will come with him.

Later Rudra helps Prarthana to zip her dress. He says he has some work and is going. Prarthana says I will come with you. Rishabh says I will go alone. Pratha says I want to come and pray for our daughter. Rishabh says ok. Rudra says I can’t take you. Prarthana says she will come. Rishabh says lets go. He sees Anmol and says she has given him happiness by moving on in life. Anmol tells that she has managed Diwali party here. Pratha asks her to come with her. Anmol refuses and thinks she will break Prarthana’s marriage.

In the Vasuki temple, Rishabh and Rudra are sitting for the special bath. Pandit ji tells about its importance and says let’s begin the bath. Pratha and Prarthana put water on their respective husband’s heads. Urvashi tells that Pratha and Prarthana are together today. Patali throws a snake in air calling someone. Peacock comes there flying in air. Urvashi says she has come. Another snake comes out of the basket. Patali calls Peacock as Mayuri and it eats the snake. Mayuri becomes human and says she will taste Naag and Naagin today, she is happy.

Rishabh asks Pandit ji if there is secret door or any cave here. Pandit ji says nobody saw it. Rudra says they have heard that only Shesh Naagin can see that door. Pandit ji says it is a belief. Prarthana thinks to find out about the 3 traitors. Pratha says lets do the puja. Pandit ji says couple should do the puja. She asks God to protect both her daughters from her storm. Urvashi and Patali come there. Urvashi says you will not know where the storm will take you.

Mayuri comes there. Patali says this is my grand daughter Mayuri, who is Shiv Bhakt. Mayuri says today she will dance so that she gets boon from Shiv ji. She starts dancing. Pratha thinks she is not an ordinary girl. Rudra’s father Raichand comes out. Zang says you are upset that your son didn’t marry Rishabh’s daughter. He says once Shesh Naagin opens the door, it will open.

Pratha goes out. Zang follows her. Pratha takes Naagin avatar and prays to Mahadev and says Shesh Naagin is greeting you, and asks him to make her see the door. She asks the Naag mani to appear and make her see the divine door. She thinks naagmani is not appearing infront of me. Zang says the door would have come. Mayuri comes there.


Naagin Season 6 29th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rishabh sees Pratha as the naagin and gets shocked. Pratha fights with Prarthana and tells her that Rishabh didn’t kill Professor. Prarthana tells that Rishabh is guilty and have to bear her Rudra avatar.

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