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Naagin Season 6 15th October 2022 Episode starts with Anmol telling Pratha that she shall go and tell Prarthana that her fiancé refused to marry and has escaped from here. Pratha asks why? Anmol says he said that he can’t marry an orphan and left. Pratha says ok, I will go and tell her. She goes to Prarthana and tells that Manav refused to marry her and left. Prarthana says may be there is no love in my life,

first Papa left me and then Manav. Pratha asks her to come and stay in her house. Prarthana thinks you have left me and thinks of revenge from Rishabh and Rudra. She thinks she has cancelled her marriage with Manav after hearing him talking to someone about her, may be Rishabh and Rudra.

She thinks her mother doesn’t know about her. Pratha thinks she knows about her and hugs her. Song plays…Suhasini comes to Patali devi and tells that Pratha came to know that Prarthana is her daughter. Patali says now the fight will begin between mother and daughter and tells that the story which she had written many years ago is started today. She beats the plate and gets happy. Suhasini smiles.

Pratha and Anmol pack Prarthana’s stuff. Pratha sees Professor Jeet’s pic and thinks why he swapped the girls. She thinks Prarthana is broken and thinks how to tell her that she is my daughter. Anmol asks Pratha what about this wedding dress?

Pratha says I will keep it. She says I will get her married to a nice guy. She recalls telling Anmol that she will be very happy when she gets married, and Anmol tells that she will always stay with her.

Prarthana continues to look at Professor Jeet’s pic and says if this woman is my mother, you said that you are not my Papa, and asks if my Maa is not my Maa and this lady resembles me and asks if she is my mother. She says Papa, you accept me or not, but you are my Papa. The photo falls down from her hand.

Rudra comes there and picks it. He says everyone is waiting for you, and tells that the house is very good where you will be going. She says may be marriage is not meant for me. Rudra says may be you will get someone who loves you truly. She thinks Rudra has killed her Papa. She says she don’t need anyone now.

She looks at her house and is leaving. The decorator comes and tells that he came to take the money. He says your father had given advance, but still some money needs to be given. Pratha asks him to come to her house and says she will give him money. Prarthana says I will give and asks why you will give. Pratha asks if I am not your mother. Everyone looks on. They come to Rishabh and Pratha’s house.

Anmol tells Rishabh that Pratha’s fiancé ran away from the mandap and asks if he has any problem. Rishabh says he has problem if she don’t think this home as hers. Anmol takes Pratha to her room. Rishabh tells Pratha that he knows that why she brought her here and tells that she is her daughter.

He says he knows that she is having a good heart and accepted her as her daughter. Pratha hugs him and thinks she can’t tell him that Prarthana is their daughter, thinking his love might get less for Anmol. She thinks if Anmol comes to know then she will tell her that Prarthana is stranger girl for her.

Anmol takes Pratha to her room and asks her to stay with her in the room. She says she will leave from here after marriage. Prarthana thinks she loves Rudra so much. She asks if she wants to marry Rudra. Anmol says many times. She tells that Rudra is very committed once he makes a commitment. Some relatives come to Pratha and Rishabh’s house From US. Anya and Manya are some of the relatives among them. Anmol introduces Prarthana to them.

Vikram is in the PS and investigating the case of the burnt man. Rishabh comes there to help Vikram in the case. The Sub-Inspector tells Vikram and Rishabh about the shape shifting snake. Rishabh thinks what is this naagin? He comes home and reads a book, that the door can be opened by Shesh Naag and if he couldn’t come then Shesh Naagin can open. Rishabh thinks if enemies need Shesh Naagin.

He thinks Shesh Naagin is needed to open the door and reads that the Naag or Naagin will become shape shifting snakes after 100 years. He thinks the attacker was Naagin and has some connection with those five deaths. Prarthana looks at him and gets angry, her face becomes scaly as if naagin. Pratha comes there. Prarthana thanks her for letting her stay here. Pratha says you are my daughter, like my daughter. Prarthana asks if Sir works till late. Pratha says yes. Rishabh thinks of the temple incident and thinks if Naagin and Naag exists.

Anmol wakes up shouting and tells that she missed having sargi. Pratha asks her to get ready and come out to have sargi. Anmol comes out and gets happy seeing the sargi sent by her MIL. The kids talk about keeping fast or not. Anya and Manya tell that Prarthana would have been married if the marriage was not cancelled. Pratha says Prarthana will get what she deserves.

Rudra looks at Prarthana and smiles. Pataali Devi comes there and gives tea to Anmol. She says she heard about her marriage which didn’t happen and says very soon you will get the guy who is made for you. Rudra thinks why my eye sight stops on her. Rishabh comes there and tells Rudra that he wants to talk to him. He tells Rudra that there is a secret in Naag Mahal which is the big secret of the universe. He says first I will investigate and will tell you. He asks him to go to his house, else his daughter will be hungry. Rudra insists to come with him. Rishabh says no and asks him to go home. Rudra collides with Rishabh. Rishabh leaves.

Rishabh is going to the naag mahal and Rudra is following him, thinks why is he going on this secluded road. Anmol calls Rudra and asks him when he will come? Rudra says he is going for important work and ends the call. Naman calls him. The call gets merged by mistake and Anmol hears Rudra telling him that he is going behind the Nilgiri mountain. Anmol says Rudra is workaholic and tells that she will go there. Pratha thinks where is Rishabh? Rudra’s car stops on the way. He thinks if I would have been with him then would have helped him, thinks he is going to such place aone. The snake follows him.

Rishabh comes inside the Naag Mahal. He doesn’t see Pratha’s big painting on the wall and walks towards the Shivling. He folds his hands. Anmol and her friends come there. Rishabh goes out and sees snake infront of him. Anmol comes inside the temple with her friends. Her friends tell that they want to meet the shape shifting snakes who can take heroes avatar. Anmol says we have come here for Rudra. Rudra reaches there and thinks why Sir came here? Rishabh sees big snake behind him and turns.


Naagin Season 6 15th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rishabh tells Pratha that he believes that Naag and Naagin stay there. Prarthana attacks Rishabh. Pratha asks Takshak Shesh Naag about the Naagin attacking Rishabh. He tells that she will know herself. Pratha says she will save her husband.

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