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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 9th August 2022 Dev comes near the office door to see off a client. Vidhi comes there and says sorry to Dev for being late. Dev looks at her. He gets a call and goes talking to Rao. Yogesh says who is Rao?

Kanika asks him to see LSG (low standard girl). She says she has surprise planned for her. He says no, I have planned something special for her. He asks where is our so called company file. She asks manufacturing unit on satyavati aunty’s name.

She says some work is pending. He asks her to get it completed fast as vidhi is going to repay first installment of the insult loan today.

Amba comes to Dev’s house and thinks she has come, your patience and my wait will over Dev, looking at his pics. Satyavati comes there and asks how is everyone at home. Amba says everyone is fine and tells that she has brought sweets from Gwalior. Satyavati says we should give, as we are girl’s family. Amba asks about dev. Satyavati says he has gone to office.

Vidhi apologizes to Kanika and Yogesh. Kanika threatens to throw her out of office. Yogesh tells Vidhi that this is their new manufacturing unit file and you have to handle the accounts, and start the work from today. Vidhi says she understood. He says Dev Sir’s Mummy Satyavati’s signs are needed on these papers.

Vidhi asks if she works here. Kanika says she don’t come to office until it is something important and asks Vidhi to go to Dev’s home and get her signs. Vidha says I am not allowed to go anywhere. Yogesh asks if she is 10 years old girl. Vidhi says she is 21 years old. He asks her to have some confidence.

Vidhi says I came here to get some confidence, if you send me out. Kanika asks her to get Satyavati’s signs in 1 hour. Vidhi goes out and asks Anaya to give Dev Sir’s address with a Map. Anaya tells her colleagues and says she is going to Dev Sir’s house. Indra ji, the helper tells that she will send her through office car.

Vidhi thanks her. The driver drops Vidhi to Dev’s house. Vidhi thanks him and says her family member will make her swear 50 times, then will come.

Satyavati asks Amba to have lunch with her and says Dev will come by evening. Amba says she will come later and says she has to leave now. Vidhi comes inside the house and thinks it is like a Palace. She thinks she didn’t see the house fully on marriage day. She collides with Amba. Amba asks if you can’t see.

Vidhi says sorry and asks if she is Mrs. Raichand. Amba gets happy and asks what did you say? Vidhi says actually I am sorry Maam. Amba asks what did you say? Vidhi says Mrs. Raichand. Amba says just Raichand. Vidhi says Mrs. Dev Raichand. Amba asks her to say again and again. She smiles and says you say good.

She says don’t know if your voice is sweet or I am feeling it to be sweet. She asks who are you? Vidhi tells her name and says she works in Dev Sir’s office and needs her signatures. Amba says if it was in my hand, then I would have signed it. She sends her with the Servant to Satyavati.

Vidhi turns the papers while Satyavati signs. Vidhi feels cold and swears shawl. Satyavati asks Sudha to low down the AC. She asks Vidhi if she is new in office and says Yogesh and Kanika told her. She says they are Dev’s good friends and also talented people. She asks her to learn from them.

Vidhi says I am learning, as I don’t know much, but I will learn, I am good at learning. Satyavati asks Vidhi to come and have food with her. Vidhi says she has brought tiffin as her Maa will feel good if she don’t eat. Satyavati asks her to have her tiffin with her. Vidhi and Satyavati sit to have food. Vidhi looks at the variety of food and asks if someone is coming. Satyavati says nobody is coming.

Vidhi says your capacity is good. Satyavati laughs and says staff members will have it. Vidhi asks how will you taste it all, as it will get mixed in the stomach. She says if Maa makes two vegetables then my father scold her. She opens her tiffin. Satyavati says this is bittergourd peel dish. Vidhi says yes.

Satyavati says she wants to taste it. Vidhi asks if she is making fun of her. Satyavati tells that she really want to taste it. She tastes it and gets emotional. She says after tasting it, even her heart got the taste. She says so many memories are attached to it, when people’s house lawn was small and their heart was big, when all the women of the house used to make food together. Vidhi says like my Maa makes Achaar with everyone’s help.

Satyavati asks her to bring Achaar next time. Vidhi says ok. Simmy comes there. Satyavati asks did you have food? Simmy says she had pizza. Vidhi says hi and says I work in your Papa’s office. Simmy says Papa’s office is in kitchen and he works there alone, as he likes cooking. Vidhi says I will go now, as Driver bhaiyya is waiting. She gets up and drops some important papers on the floor.


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Kanika and Yogesh are in the car. Vidhi picks Kanika’s call. Kanika says important papers are missing from the file. Vidhi says it might have fallen down in the office. Yogesh says if someone finds the papers then? Vidhi tells her Papa that she shall search the papers. Dev finds the papers in his room and picks it.

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Telecast Date:9th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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