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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 8th August 2022 Dev is in the car and sees the calculations done by Vidhi on the paper. He recalls asking her to use calculator until she learns computer, and Vidhi replying that she never does mistake when calculated by hand. He says who says that you don’t deserve this job?

Vidhi asks her father if he thinks that she deserve this salary and job. Hari prasad reads the appointment letter and says Dev Saheb is a big businessman and must be connoisseur. Bimla says he is. He identified Vidhi and says she has reached the destination finally. Seema asks for party.

Bimla says party with second salary. She plans to buy good clothes for her with first salary. Vidhi says she has so many clothes. Hariprasad says they will not use her salary, but will deposit it in her bank account. Bimla shows the kheer which she made for her. Vidhi gets excited.

Dev comes home. Servant asks if she shall serve the food. Dev asks about everyone. She says Abhimanyu haven’t returned till now, Priya went to party and Satyavati has slept. Vidhi serves the kheer in the bowl and slips the utensil accidentally. Bimla asks if kheer fell down. Seema says Vidhi is on a mission to do mistakes. Vidhi makes her eat kheer. Dev refuses to have food and gets up from his chair and goes to his room.

Urmila comes to Hariprasad’s house and rings the temple bell. Everyone comes out. Bimla says it is Mata sleeping time. Urmila chides them for cutting their nose and says half of the Indore will spit on your name.

Hariprasad asks what did I do? Whatever I have done is for my daughter’s future, didn’t steal. He says customs are broken in this house. He says veil custom have broken, girls were not allowed to go to school, but they are allowed now, and says you are arguing with your brother in law, custom is broken.

He says let my daughter do job, let this custom break. Urmila asks her husband to say. He says you didn’t talk to me before discussing with us. Bimla asks did you ask us when you opened the beauty parlour. She says when you take a decision for Golden, we will not interfere. She says you shall say something to your wife when she kicks you out, then you come to our house. Seema says then he demands food items.

Urmila says don’t interfere him. She says you would have sent her to house parlour, why did you send her there. Peeli says you also do work, you shall support her in every work. Urmila says I am asking what was the need to work outside. Bimla says it is Indore’s big company and they have offered 15 K to Vidhi. She says we all know what you can give. Urmila says she doesn’t deserve to work for free, and says 15K.

Hariprasad says this is the difference between working with you and working with others, and says they have called her with respect. He says if I started speaking then you will not get a place to run. He says this is my house, my daughter and my decision, and says there is Devi’s avatar in every girl, respect her instead of disrespecting her. He asks them to let them live happily. Urmila says she will not let this wrong work happening here. They leave. Vidhi keeps her head on harprasad’s chest.

Dev talks to Chitra and says I did a mistake by getting you married in Gwalior, I should have get you married in Indore. She says she misses him. He comes to Satyavati, who tells him about Abhi and Priya’s deteriorating relationship. She says both are stubborn. He asks her not to worry and give her sometime to take out some solution.

Vidhi tries to wear saree with Seema’s help. She says how will I carry this saree in office. Bimla comes there and helps Vidhi wear the saree. She runs to kitchen to see Poha. Vidhi gets ready and comes to the temple. She says whenever something goes wrong, Maa will play shank. Bimla gives tiffin to Vidhi and Seema. She asks Vidhi to be careful as she is wearing saree.

Vidhi comes out and tells Seema that they are very late today. Urmila and her husband stop them on their way. Urmila says saree? She then asks her to return the stuff in Bajrang chowk. Vidhi says it is very far away, she is getting late and will return it in the evening. Her Chacha handovers the stuff bag to her. Seema says di will return this stuff in evening. Vidhi says she will do it in the evening and goes.

Dev is with Yogesh and Kanika. Vidhi comes to the office. Dev is surprised to see her. Vidhi says Good morning, sorry for being late.


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vidhi apologizes to Kanika. Yogesh says this is our new manufacturing unit file. Kanika asks Vidhi to get Satyavati’s signs on it and return within one hour. Vidhi comes to Dev’s house. She collides with Amba and says sorry. She asks if she is Mrs. Raichand. Amba smiles.

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Telecast Date:8th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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