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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 31st October 2022 Dev celebrates Diwali with the kids of the Balghar. Satyavati sees him happy and thinks she always want to see him happy and says she wants him to have happiness always. Urmila tells that Vidhi haven’t come till now for puja. The neighboring guys come there and show the poster, saying that they got the work to paste posters, and tells that Vidhi has become a star now.

Neighbor tells Hariprasad that he should have stopped Vidhi and taunts him. Other lady asks who was the guy with Vidhi. Urmila asks Bimla if she will hear all the lecture, and says you stops my mouth, and asks her to lock other mouths also. Hariprasad’s brother too insults them. Golden asks where is Vidhi? Urmila says don’t know if she is in Balghar or somewhere else. Hariprasad says lets start the puja.

Satyavati looks at Dev’s mother pics and says I always saw you involved in business, but I am happy that you thought about this balghar. She says whenever I see you, I see you a different aspect of your goodness, asks why you didn’t tell me about this. She says I can understand that this is your maternal house, you lost your mother in small age, then I came and then you lost your papa.

She says responsibilities never left you, I never thought that you was lonely and this balghar became your partner. She says she is proud of him. She says Chitra and Abhi were my responsibilities, but you have taken up their responsibilities. She says sorry for not thinking about his loneliness.

Dev says you loved me a lot and infact because of you, I was never alone. He says you became my friend too, along with my mother. He says you understand my relation with balghar just like that. Satyavati hugs him.

Vidhi comes home and sees Hariprasad and Bimla doing puja. She asks if they are angry with her. She apologizes to Milapni Devi. Bimla sees Vidhi coming home and gives aarti plate to her, but Hariprasad takes aarti plate back from her hand.

Priya talks to Amba and says if we had card party then I would have win. Amba says you are born to win, but in Raichand house, you lose. Priya says I know, I lost from Vidhi there. She says Vidhi brainwashed Abhimanyu to start from the scratch. Amba tries to provoke Priya from Vidhi. She says Vidhi is smart and cunning, and says may be she will trap Abhi in her trap. Priya gets worried. Amba wishes her happy Diwali and ends the call.

Urmila and her husband do the aarti. Urmila smiles. Hariprasad gives prasad to everyone. Urmila’s husband is about to give chadawa to Milapni Devi, but Urmila says Mata is hungry for feelings and not for money. Hariprasad doesn’t give prasad to Vidhi. All the ladies leave. Vidhi says I was late.

Amba says I have lighted many diyas for Dev and me and Vidhi shall get habitual to darkness, I will make sure. Just then the wind comes and the diyas set off. Amba tells herself that this is coincidence.

She says now Vidhi will know that she does what she decides. Urmila asks Vidhi what she is doing? Vidhi says my phone was switched off in balghar. Urmila asks Vidhi about her hoardings in the city and asks until when you will make your papa insulted. She says you didn’t think about golden.

Vidhi asks which hoarding. Urmila says you was with that guy. Her husband asks didn’t you feel ashamed to do that. Vidhi says I didn’t know. Golden says this is three much, didn’t you remember that your poster was released in office with a bang and shows it in her mobile.

Dev and Satyavati are in the car. Dev tells Satyavati that the kids were calling her Yashoda Maa. Satyavati says she felt good to be part of balghar. Dev stops the car seeing Arjun and Vidhi’s poster. Satyavati asks Dev if he made them modeling for the radio channel, and says they look good. Vidhi says this is morphed pic,

I asked Dev Sir not to release it. Golden says liar, I heard everything. Urmila asks Hariprasad to make Vidhi sit in the house. Bimla asks Urmila to go home, else Lakshmi will go away from her door on Diwali day. Urmila asks her husband to come and asks Hariprasad to take medicine for BP.


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 1st November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vidhi tells Hariprasad that the posters are fake. Hariprasad gets angry and brushes off Bimla’s hand. The aarti plate falls down from her hands.

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Telecast Date:31st October 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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