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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 2nd August 2022 Dev reads Amba’s letter in which she writes that she will reach him covering 7 births, it is not difficult to her to reach his bedroom, when we had separated 15 years ago, I had sworn not to tie my hair until we unite,

you was not with me physically but was beating in my heart, you are single after 15 years and it signifies that you are mine, I have waited and you had patience, help me in fulfilling my swear. This ends her letters.

Vidhi’s mother Vimla tells that she needs to go to Sadsang. Her friend Peeli comes there and asks if she will go without her. Seema asks when didn’t you miss sadsang in Dubai. Peeli says yes, I missed and that’s why my son sends much money for me. She says she has brought gifts, gives frock to Seema, dress to Vidhi,

saree to Vimla and also cutlery set. She says it was old and you will not change, so I brought it. Vimla refuses to take. Peeli asks her to keep it quietly and asks if my room is ready, or you have given it to someone on rent. Vidhi says no, I used to clean it daily. Peeli goes to her room.

Ria comes to the Dining table and asks gives cooking magazine to Abhimanyu. She asks what is in breakfast? The Servant tells the dishes. Abhimanyu says I didn’t make anything, you can skip anything you want. Simmy comes there and shows her drawing, in which Abhimanyu is having the chef cap. Ria asks Simmy to tell that her father is a cook.

Seema says Mami ji would also want to return gifts to Peeli, but this time we don’t have, so how will you give. Vidhi says I will go to drop you to school by walk, and this month budget will be covered up and we can think of giving gift to Peeli aunty. Vimla appreciates her. Seema asks who will send you home then? Vidhi says I know the way.

Abhimanyu asks Ria if she can’t motivate him, then don’t make fun atleast. Ria says why will I make fun of yours, you have made fun of yourself. Dev comes and says enough. He asks Servants to go. They leave. Dev says nobody gave me a hug since morning. Simmy hugs him. Dev asks her to listen to song. He asks them not to fight infront of the little girl.

Abhimanyu gets upset and goes. His Mother comes there and asks Abhimanyu to have food. Abhimanyu goes. Dev says let him be alone for sometime. He tells that he will take Seema out and have breakfast outside. Mother asks Ria why she doesn’t care for Abhimanyu. Ria asks shall I stop eating the food.

Vidhi drops Seema to school and forgets the way back home. She thinks where I am, I have missed the way. She sees Dev in the restaurant with the girl and thinks it seems Raichand sir came with his family. She recalls his words and thinks she got courage because of him. She waves hand at him.

Dev looks at her, but doesn’t see her face due to the umbrella which she is holding. Dev asks Simmy if she knows her. Simmy says no. Vidhi writes thank you on the umbrella. Dev sees it. The guard of the restaurant asks Vidhi to go and not to disturb Dev sir. She says sorry and thinks she wants to thank him. She thinks how to reach home and finds her mother going somewhere. She follows her.

Vimla is in the saree shop with Peeli, and tells her about dev offering Vidhi a job. She praises him. Other lady also praises his looks. Vidhi comes there. Peeli asks since when Vidhi will go to work. Vimla says he has refused, with the same reason that the ladies of the house shall not work. Vidhi hears her. Vimla says if he thought was not same, then I wouldn’t have worked here by making excuse of sadsang. She turns and sees Vidhi standing.

Dev talks to someone and gives call to Yogesh. Someone comes there and keeps the bouquet. Dev hides the note sent by Amba with the flowers. Yogesh says he will handle the work. Dev says he didn’t find the quality right. He praises him to be faithful and loyal to him. Yogesh says he is always with him along with Kanika.

Vidhi tells her mother that if she can work also. Vimla refuses at first. Vidhi asks if I can work? Vimla says there is a difference, if your papa will agree. She says I will talk to him, lets see what he says. Dev reads the note, that you didn’t reach me, but I have to come to you, these flowers are for the past and invitation for future.


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Chacha ji tells Hariprasad’s friends that Dev Raichand offered a job to Vidhi, but he refused. His friends asks him to let Vidhi work and not to reject such a good offer.

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Telecast Date:2nd August 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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