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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 29th July 2022 Dev tells Yogesh that he can understand and asks him to think again. Security guy calls Yogesh and tells that a girl came to meet Dev Sir and she has the ID too. Dev watches her in the CCTV footage and tells Yogesh and his wife. He asks guard to send her inside.

She comes inside and asks the helper about Dev’s cabin. The helper brings her inside. Dev asks her to come in. She comes inside and says because of your thing, Maa Papa. She asks shall I take the name infront of them.

Dev gets up and asks ring. She says yes, and says they couldn’t sleep all night, and asks if anyone gives such a costly ring to anyone. She asks him to take the ring and give her money. She takes out tiffin. They see tape on the tiffin.

She says it is for safety. He gives her scissor. She says it is good, you broke the bowl and there was tension at our house. She opens the box and takes out another box. She cuts the tape and takes out the ring box.

She asks him to give 9568 Rs and says 80 Rs for the travelling expenses. She says she didn’t add 20 rs water bottle with it. Dev whispers to Yogesh that he has won. He asks him to record the video and opens the ring box. Yogesh smiles as ring is not there. Vidhi opens her mouth in shock.

Vidhi’s mother tells that everything shall be fine and worries for Vidhi. Seema asks her to trust her mother power and senses the ring in her hand. She says if ring is in your hand, then what did Vidhi didi take? Her mother says I thought to wear it for its safety and says she has taken empty box.

Vidhi says ring was inside the box. Yogesh’s wife says we want to know, it is enough of drama. Vidhi says there was ring here. Yogesh asks why she is doing drama. His wife says she wanted to say that she can’t return the ring. Vidhi says why will we take it and recalls her father’s words. She says 40 lakhs, so much money.

She apologizes to Dev and says my Papa will not forgive me. Dev asks her to stop crying, relax and take a heavy breath. He asks her to sit and asks Yogesh to drink water. She drinks water. He asks her to think where it could be? He asks her to tell from the start. Vidhi’s mother and Seema are on the way.

Seema says Vidhi has forgotten the ring. We shall go there and give this ring to her. Vidhi’s mother says we will give the ring to her papa. Seema says if we tell him, then he will scold you. A lady asks if she is coming to the sadsang. Seema says no. They sit in the auto.

Vidhi tells that Maa kept ring in the box, gave tiffin to me. She tells then about Seema. He asks her to say what happened? Vidhi says we have taped the box, we didn’t go anywhere, but don’t know where did it go? Yogesh says we will not let you steal the ring. Vidhi says why will I spend 15 rs to come here.

She says so that we believe you. Dev asks her to stop crying and wipe her tears. He asks her to ask Mummy and asks her to confirm if she has kept the ring. Vidhi says I can do the mistake, but not my mom. He says even I can do a mistake.

Yogesh says just as you did now, by trusting her. Dev asks her to call her Mummy. Vidhi says you are very good, Un…Sir. Yogesh says he fulfills his promise too. Vidhi calls her mother. She says she is on the gate. Dev says call her here.

Vidhi goes out. Vidhi’s mother tells that she had forgotten to keep the ring. Vidhi asks her to give the ring. Vidhi’s mother says it is stuck. Vidhi says we shall show him ring in your hand. She says what will he say? Vidhi’s mother says it came out and asks her to give it to the right place. Vidhi goes inside and asks dev to take his ring.

She holds his hand and makes him wear the ring. Title song plays. Dev says I will wear it. She says Maa asked me to make it reach to the right place. Dev says its ok. Vidhi says now I will go. She says now everyone will sleep peacefully here, Maa, Seema and everyone. She looks at his pic with Chitra and says your daughter is lovely like my Chitra. She says now I will go home by bus.

Vidhi, Seema and her mother are in the auto. Vidhi’s mother asks driver to drive fast. She says if she don’t do sadsang then her heart will be empty all day. She gets a call from Peeli, who tells that there is an alliance for Vidhi.

Dev asks yogesh what was the bet, that he has to walk on his knees in the office. Yogesh walks in the office sitting on his knees. Dev stops him. Yogesh’s wife thinks she will not leave Vidhi. Vidhi’s mother tells Vidhi about the alliance. Dev tells Yogesh and his wife that they will get skilled employers, but not honest. He says we shall hire her. Yogesh says we don’t know anything about her. Dev says what I needed, she has it all. Vidhi’s mother asks her to agree.


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Yogesh’s wife calls Vidhi and offers her job in the company. Vidhi says she don’t want to do job and says Dev sir doesn’t have 9568 Rs in his pocket. Dev asks if she said this. Yogesh’s wife says she had made fun of your financial condition and also of your sister’s marriage. Dev comes to Vidhi’s house and sees her sitting along with groom’s family.

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Telecast Date:29th July 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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