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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 28th July 2022 Someone knocks on the door. Vidhi and parents gets worried. They think where to hide the ring. Seema says they shall keep it on the table, others will also think that it is of Steel. Vidhi’s mother hides the ring.

Vidhi’s father opens the door and sees his brother. He sees them holding the broom, stick etc and asks if they are planning to hit him. They tell that they thought thief came. He tells that urmila kicked him out of the house as he said that Vidhi is a little girl.

He asks them to return the money so that he can go back home. He lies down on the bed and tells that Urmila will call for him, as she can’t stay without him. Later, Seema takes the ring from under his pillow and goes with the family.

Abhimanyu makes halwa. Ria comes there. He says I have made Chitra’s favorite golden almonds halwa and says she used to cry for it, I got emotional making it. Ria takes spoon and ruins the topping decorations. She says your Mom used to lecture me that the respect is in bahu’s hands.

She says if anyone comes to know that Raichand’s youngest son made halwa then the family’s name will be ruined. Abhimanyu says I thought you will be happy. She asks him not to feel bad and tells that till then she felt sympathy on him rather than love. She says I want to tell you the truth and says you are the worst chef. She takes him out and makes him see how Dev is decorating the house. She says only Dev knows everyone’s likings.

Vidhi’s father asks his wife to put the ring in the ring box. He asks Vidhi to take the ring safely and tells that it is worth 40 lakhs rs, if it is lost then we can’t return the money to him in this birth. He asks her not to forget to take the money from him.

Chacha ji hears and tells that if they are talking about their ancestral jewellery. Vidhi’s mother says no. Seema makes an excuse that he was talking about toe ring. Vidhi’s mother asks him to freshen up and says she will serve sev poha. He refuses to eat and goes. Vidhi’s father says he might heard everything and might tell his wife.

Dev splashes flowers on the way as Amy walks inside the house. She says I didn’t know that you was waiting for me. Dev says I thought chitra came. She says it is only for Chitra. Dev’s mother asks her to come inside.

Vidhi is in the bus. A lady asks where is she going? Vidhi says home. She lies that her family men are in army. She goes to the other seat. Amy tells that she can’t have the oily halwa. Chitra says I can’t have it. Dev asks her to show. He tastes the halwa and says whoever made it, he made it with love. Abhimanyu smiles.

Ria tells that Dev likes the food made the chef that we enjoy seeing him having the food. Amy says really. Dev’s mother asks Amy why she has a feeling that Dev and you know each other. Dev coughs and says I need to go to office. Chitra says you have to show house to Amy. Amy asks him to stay back and says I am curious to see your room, as your personality will be known seeing the room.

He says Abhimanyu will show you the room. Abhimanyu says ok. Dev goes to office. Vidhi sees someone holding the tiffin and thinks my tiffin. She then finds her tiffin with herself. She imagines everyone is after her tiffin and recalls her father’s words.

She shouts no. The conductor asks her to take ticket else run behind the bus. She buys the ticket. Chitra, Amy and Ria come to Dev’s room. Dev’s mother calls Ria. Ria asks Chitra to show the room to Amy and goes.

Amy asks Chitra to bring her phone from the table. Chitra goes. She says my Dev’s room. She looks at Dev’s pic and thinks her letter will reveal her feelings to him. She says you will know that your Amba, your would be Amba, how is she? She keeps the letter behind his pillow.

Dev talks to his father’s pic and says you might be happy today. I have fulfilled the last responsibility, and says you might be praying for Chitra. He says I did what was in my hands, and says if there is anything left then forgive me, I have given my best.

Dev’s friend and his wife comes there. Dev says I have come here, as there was much work pending. Friend’s wife says I can’t believe that you have given 40 lakhs rs for 10000 Rs. His friend tells that they shall go to Police before it is too late. Dev says I want to test myself, if I have done a mistake to identify him.

Vidhi comes to the office and asks the watchman to let her go, as Dev has her ring. The guard asks if she is joking. She says she is saying truth and shows the visiting card.


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 29th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vidhi asks Dev if anyone gives costly ring to someone. She cuts the tape on the tiffin box and gives the ring box to him. She asks him to give 9500 Rs. Dev opens the ring box and couldn’t find his ring in it. Vidhi gets worried.

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Telecast Date:28th July 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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