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Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 19th August 2022 Satyavati tells Dev that whatever happened is wrong, tells that whenever Raichand’s name came in news, was for business and was never humiliated. Dev asks her not to worry and says it is managed. Satyavati says rules shall not be broken, Priya is forgetting her limitations.

She says she had given her house responsibility, then also she went to the press conference, but thank god she saved everything. She asks how did everything get fine? Priya comes there and says credit goes to you.

Seema talks to Bimla and asks about Amla. Bimla says it was cheap, so I brought 5 kgs. Vidhi comes there and says yumm yumm. Bimla says she will make Murabba and Achaar. Priya asks Satyavati to smile and says all the credit for today,

I can’t give to you, as it goes to my mind too. She says you have given responsibility to me and I will make sure to handle it. She says you will be there to guide me, and asks her to smile. She asks do you want me to plead? Satyavati recalls Priya making her plead infront of her and goes from there.

Bimla asks Vidhi why she didn’t come to the shop today. Vidhi says she has forgotten. Bimla says it is not good. Seema asks can I say sometimes, that I forget to do hw. Bimla says she will beat her. She tells about the saree which Vidhi should have chosen. Priya appreciates Dev for handling the situation and asks if she will get the papers by tomorrow. Dev says everything is yours,

and truth is that Abhimanyu is your husband and you both used to love each other. Priya says I never loved him, he used to love me and you have decided to get us married, and brought a doll for your brother, but the doll turn out to be a human, who has heart, mind, voice and knows to raise voice for her rights.

She says I hope you will give me papers by evening. She asks can you forgive yourself for joining two destinies which were never suitable, and says when there is no love, then only mind works and not heart.

Vidhi tells Bimla that she will come tomorrow. Bimla asks Vidhi, if she didn’t give achaar to Dev’s mother. Vidhi says there was hungama in office, it won’t look good if I had given achaar at that time. Seema asks what happened?

Vidhi recalls promising Dev and tells that nothing important happened. She says everything gets fine at the end, Dev sir handled everything. She asks Bimla to keep achaar in her bag again and apologizes to lie with her. Seema asks did you save Sir even today. Vidhi says no. She thinks she didn’t ask him, what was he doing in Balghar?

Dev talks to Gupta and asks him to keep the papers ready. He says nobody shall know that we are buying these hotels on Priya’s name. He recalls asking Vidhi not to tell anyone, thinks if I can trust her.

Vidhi thinks how can Abhimanyu Sir’s wife be so bitter and selfish. She thinks Dev Sir loves his family a lot and can do anything for them. Dev says all the best and love to Abhimanyu on his first day of work. He says always remember that your Maa and brother is with you. Abhimanyu thanks him and apologizes to him on Priya’s behalf.

Dev says this day is not right to discuss this, and says main point is, everything is handled. Abhimanyu praises him and says we are lucky that you are with us. He says he will make badam ka halwa for you and asks him to wait for 5 mins. Dev says he need to rush to office and asks him to send halwa to office. Abhimanyu says ok.

Peeli secretly puts money in the temple box. Kaluchacha also keeps some money in the box. Bimla asks did you ask leave from office.

Kaluchacha says he came to pick Hariprasad and makes an excuse. He asks Hariprasad to come. Bimla gives him tiffin. Bimla says Vidhi is like Hariprasad and asks did you ask Sir about his gotra. Vidhi says I have forgotten, says will ask today. Peeli asks Bimla to come for sadsang.

Priya comes on Abhimanyu’s way and says this kitchen is the boundary which you can’t cross. She shows the placard in which it is written, No Men Allowed. She says his mother has handed over this house to her, and she has taken the decision which will genuinely make her happy. She asks why do you want to go to this kitchen as you are doing job in someone’s cheap kitchen. She asks about his salary, 10 K, 20 K,

how much. He asks why do you want to know, do you want to control your expenses as per my salary. She says control my foot. He says it is clear that you married me for my name and money. She asks what rubbish. He asks her to tell the truth and says even I can call press conference and says don’t increase your troubles, you are alone here, but I have my brother and mother’s support with me.

Vidhi thinks to ask so many things from Dev and thinks to write it on paper. She writes balghar, sir’s full name and gotra, Abhimanyu sir. Dev comes there. Vidhi thanks him for the new cabin. Dev asks her about Milapni Devi’s temple. Vidhi says even I want to ask you. She says I want to ask you about your gotra.

Dev sees the notepad, and sees about balghar etc. She asks what you was doing there. Dev says it is our secret, you broke my trust and asks do you want to stick this paper on the walls of office. Vidhi says it was for me.

Dev tears the papers. Vidhi says sorry, I made list to remember, she holds her hand and says sorry. She says I don’t break your or anyone’s trust. Dev says don’t write anything on paper again. He goes out and sees Amba standing. Vidhi sees Amba in the office.


Na Umar Ki Seema Ho 20th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Amba tells dev that whatever they had, was truth and it was not affair or timepass. Dev closes the door. Vidhi prays for Dev and his wife’s togetherness. Dev tells Amba that he never promised her anything then why did she wait for him. Amba shows the sindoor which she is applying in her forehead since 10 years for him.

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Telecast Date:19th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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