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Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 8th August 2022 Episode starts with Yuvraj asking will you kill me for this mistake. He says I told you that if we have a child by mistake, then give him your name, you didn’t get pregnant, right. Katha cries and holds her stomach.

She slaps him. She holds his collar. She says you think everything will get fine, some wounds are for life, one gets habitual to tolerate, I have decided it, you have to tolerate the pain of the wounds given by you, if I forgive you, then I will become a bigger culprit,

I didn’t tell your truth till now, because Kabir and the family’s hearts are clean like water, you are lying so much, not anymore, you have 48 hours to accept your crime in front of Kabir and family, you have taken an advantage of me.

Kabir says Katha didn’t like Yuvraj leaving the food, so she has gone after him. Maasa says I m also glad seeing her take care of Yuvraj. Manju says I m done, I will go and get her. Katha says think what will happen if he knows this from me, say the truth to Kabir and family also, I have set an 48 hours timer alarm, it starts now. Manju comes and asks what alarm. Yuvraj worries.

Katha says Yuvraj didn’t give me any gift, I took his promise, he will give me a gift in 48 hours. Manju says don’t expect much from him, he doesn’t give anything. Katha says its time to change some habits. Manju says fine, come and have food, Kabir is also sitting hungry. Katha leaves.

Kabir says I got coconut water and energy powder for you, you maybe dehydrated. Katha says I got a good family and life partner, I m scared that it may catch bad sight. He says I won’t let this happen. She gets a gift box.

She smiles seeing the evil eye bracelet. He says evil eye, I don’t want our beautiful relation to catch anyone’s bad sight. She says its so good. He says baby will fight me if I don’t buy a gift for him. He says its beautiful, whatever you did for me. Kabir says no need to say anything, what you feel for me, I can see it in your eyes, I want to thank you,

you made me a part of yours and your baby’s life, baby will make our life perfect. He makes her wear the bracelet. He says I don’t want to leave your hand. She smiles. He says your smile is just like you, pure, innocent and stainless. Katha takes his permission to make him wear the bracelet. It falls down.

They bend to take it and their heads collide. He asks her to sleep now. They lie to sleep. She asks do you really believe in this. He says I believe in everything that saves you from the bad sight, good night. She turns to sleep.

She thinks I m sure this evil eye will save us from every bad sight. Its morning, Maasa calls out Katha. She comes in and compliments Katha. She says its your first rasoi, get ready and come downstairs. Katha says sure. Kabir says I m Uma’s fan. Maasa says you will become Katha’s fan also. She sees Katha wearing the evil eye bracelet and says its beautiful, its to keep bad sight away. Katha says yes, Kabir gifted it.

Maasa sees Kabir also wearing the same bracelet. She says you didn’t get it for me. He says I m there to ward off your bad sight. He laughs. She asks him to come downstairs. Kabir compliments Katha. The baby’s bracelet falls and rolls towards Maasa. Maasa picks it.

She asks for who is this, it’s a baby’s size. Kabir says that set is for husband, wife and baby, there isn’t a baby now, but I liked the design, so I took it. Maasa says good, baby will come someday, when are you showing me the grandchild’s face. She asks them to come. She leaves. Katha cries.

She says Maasa blessed us that we start a family, she doesn’t know that I m already carrying a child, its not yours. Kabir says I understand, its tough for you to hide the truth from family, I will fulfil my promise, you trust me.

She says I do. He asks her to smile. She thinks I m sure you will fulfil your promise, maybe I m doing wrong by hiding the truth from you, its your right to know, just 36 hours left now, if Yuvraj doesn’t accept his truth, then I will not be quiet. Yuvraj is jogging on the roads. He recalls Katha’s words. He splashes some water on his face.

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Telecast Date:8th August 2022
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