Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 27th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 27th July 2022 Episode starts with Kabir and everyone coming. Maasa says Yuvraj was getting saved from this rasam, she is a new bride, she will do this rasam, don’t you know this. Chachi tells about the rasam, the new Bhabhi beats the Devar a lot. Neelam and Dev joke on Yuvraj. Kabir smiles. Neelam asks Dev not to get beaten up. Her sister asks Dev not to feel shy, and hit Katha.

Dev asks Katha to not beat him a lot. Maas asks Katha not to feel shy and just beat him. Kabir says I know you are tired, no need to beat, just touch with the stick. Katha does the rasam. Kabir asks Katha to take rest now.

Maasa says Yuvraj is also here. She asks Yuvaj to come and get the beating from his Bhabhi. Maddy says lets have a competition between Katha and Yuvraj. Kishor says make a start to reform him, beat him from my side as well.

Kabir says don’t leave him today, else he will dance on your head all his life. Katha recalls Yuvraj’s words. Katha beats Yuvraj with the stick. She says you act innocent in front of your family, they don’t know that an animal is hidden behind your innocent face,

you thought I will stay silent, I won’t have courage to bring out your truth, you cheated your brother and family also, I will get you punished. She says Kabir you said you will find the culprit and get him punished, he is that man who did bad with me, your own brother. Kabir is shocked. Katha says Yuvraj snatched my and my family’s happiness. Maasa asks do you know Yuvraj, what are you saying.

Katha says he had used my body and soul by fooling me. Maasa asks what is she saying, tell me, what did you do, Yuvraj. Kabir cries. Maasa says no, this can’t happen, my upbringing can’t be so wrong. Katha beats Yuvraj and scolds him. She cries and says you have no right to live.

Kabir asks where are you lost. Katha looks at Yuvraj. Kabir sees Katha’s hand bleeding. Maasa says don’t worry, it’s a rasam. She asks Kabir to apply medicine to Katha’s hand. Maddy taunts Katha. Kabir says we will do the rasams tomorrow, she needs rest. Maasa asks him to take Katha. Yuvraj gets angry. Yash asks Maddy to go and talk to Maasa.

Maddy asks are you really happy with this marriage. Maasa says Kabir got married, isn’t this a reason of happiness. Maddy says no function went smooth, I m tensed seeing the bad start. Maasa says I also felt the same, but the relation is blessed. She goes.

Maddy sees Neelam. Neelam says termites are seen after damaging the house’s every corner. Kabir applies the ointment to Katha’s hand. She cries. He asks why did you get worried after coming home, share it with me, what’s troubling you.

She recalls his words. He says I will ask Uma and Manyata to stay with us for few days, if you are missing them, tell me, I can do anything for you. Katha thinks how shall I get the happiness on my face, Yuvraj has overshadowed our marriage and happiness. Kabir says we can handle anything together, I m with you in any problem, this stress isn’t good for the baby, learn to control the stress. He talks to the baby. She cries and recalls Yuvraj.

Kabir goes to help. She gets scared. He says it means he isn’t out of your mind till now, he isn’t here, I m here, I promise, you will never feel lonely. He removes her jewellery. He holds her hand. He says this is just my family’s love, I know you respect me and like me, but we will take this next step in our relation when I feel you love me, I m ready to wait for entire life, I can think of this when I catch Rahul and punish him,

it’s a husband’s promise to a wife. Katha cries and thinks you can’t fulfil this promise, what will you feel knowing your younger brother has done wrong with me. She hugs him and cries. He says I won’t stop you from crying, I promise, I will fill so much love in your life that tears won’t have any place.


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 28th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap : Kabir says to Katha and Yuvraj, this hot chocolate was our brother’s fav drink, will be now for all three of us. Katha gets angry and says, I want to tell you something but I am not able to. Kabir asks Katha whats wrong.

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Telecast Date:27th July 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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