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Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 25th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 25th August 2022 Episode starts with Maddy tying the rakhi to Kabir. He gives her the gift. Maasa praises Katha. Maddy says don’t give credit to Katha for everything, I did this for Kabir. Kishor says it doesn’t matter, we all got happy. Deepa also ties the rakhi to Kabir, and gets the gift. She asks Yuvraj to come.

Yuvraj sits. Deepa ties the rakhi to him. He gifts her. Kabir says I m nothing without you three, I always want us to celebrate the festives this way. He hugs them. Yuvraj asks can I tie the black thread to you, won’t you forgive me.

Kabir says what you did, I can never forgive you for that. He goes. Maasa says don’t know whose bad sight caught our family. Manju says Kabir is much upset, he won’t agree so easily. Katha and everyone leave. Yuvraj says Kabir will forgive me, I will do something that he will hug me, and Katha I will not leave you, its my turn now.

Katha gives the gifts to the people. A girl reads a poem. Katha hugs her. Maasa and Kabir praise her. Kabir says she has every quality that I wanted in my life partner, her family is her world, entire world is her family. Yuvraj comes.

He asks Kabir to listen to him once. He says don’t let me go empty hand, please forgive me. Kabir says you won’t get forgiven, just go. Maasa asks Yuvraj not to do a drama and leave. She says its ten days now, and Kabir didn’t forgive you, one has to earn forgiveness. Kabir sayswe will leave if he doesn’t.

Katha finds Kabir sad. She makes some puppets on her thumb and starts a conversation to make Kabir smile. He laughs. She says I know I m cute, because you told this many times. She compliments him. He laughs and holds her hand. He says you are the reason for my smile. They both laugh. She runs to vomit.

He asks are you okay, come sit. He asks her to smell the roses, she will feel better. He says we should go to meet the gynac. She nods. They both get ready. Deepa asks where are you both going. Kabir says we are going out. She asks on a date. Kabir says no, Katha didn’t see the market here. Deepa asks them to take the kids along. He says yes, but Manju said she made chaat pakoris at home.

Kishor asks Deepa not to stop them. He says Deepa and Ravi went to many places, let them go. Deepa says I was just saying. Kishor says no one stops you and Ravi from going on date. Kabir and Katha leave. Katha’s sonography is done. Katha and Kabir smile seeing the baby.

She says its our baby. Kabir says I want to click a pic. He clicks a pic and says its first pic of baby and you. Doctor looks tensed. Kabir asks her to say if there is any problem. Doctor asks Katha does she have any stress, baby is in distress,

it happens when mum has any mental or emotional stress. She says Katha, take care of yourself, you have anaemia, I will write some medicines, but take care of your diet, you have to stay away from every stress. She asks the baby’s father’s name. Kabir tells his name. He holds Katha’s hand. Katha cries.

He says I will not let her take any stress and monitor her diet also, thanks. They leave. He sees Yash and Maddy coming. He takes Katha aside and hides. Katha asks what happened. He says Yash and Maddy are here, don’t worry.

Maddy says stroller is best for babies. Yash sees Kabir and turns to see. He doesn’t see their faces and goes. Kabir and Katha leave. Yash goes to see. He says I thought I have seen Katha and Kabir here. Maddy asks why would they come here, come. Kabir and Katha pray at the temple.

Katha says thank Bholenath that I got a husband like Kabir, I wish to always keep the smile on Kabir’s face. Kabir holds her hand. They go out and sit on the bench. Kabir also makes thumb puppets and talks to make Katha smile. He hugs her. He says doctor asked you not to take stress, don’t worry, I will not let anything happen to you and our baby. He signs her to smile. She says but something is troubling me a lot. He asks her to say.

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Telecast Date:25th August 2022
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