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Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 1st September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 1st September 2022 Episode starts with Kabir and Yuvraj breaking the handi together. Everyone claps. Maasa blesses them. Katha gets Manyata’s call. She says sorry, I forgot to make a video call.

Manyata and Uma see Kabir. The call ends. Katha goes aside and calls again. Yuvraj holds Kabir’s hand and requests him to forgive him. Kabir says don’t anger me more. Yuvraj says please forgive me.

Kabir says I won’t forgive you in this birth. Yuvraj says fine then, my life has no motive. He leaves the rope and falls down. Kabir holds his hand. They both hang to the rope. Everyone worries. Kabir asks Yuvraj to not leave his hand.

Yuvraj says I don’t want to leave, if you can’t forgive me. Kabir asks him to give his other hand. Yuvraj says I understood, your annoyance is more imp than my life. Maasa and everyone worry. Yuvraj falls down. Everyone gets shocked.

Katha comes and looks on shocked. She shouts Kabir. Kabir jumps down. Katha faints down. Kabir lands on his feet. He runs to Yuvraj. Maasa asks Kabir to save Yuvraj. Yash sees Katha and asks Deepa to come.

They run to Katha. Deepa attends Katha. Kabir, Kishor and Devraj take Yuvraj in the car. Yash lifts Katha and takes her to the car. Deepa says we will reach the hospital in some time. Kishor worries. He thinks if Yash knows that Katha is pregnant, then it will be a big problem, I have to stop them.

At the hospital, Kabir asks doctor to make Yuvraj fine. Doctor asks how did the accident happen. Kabir says we were breaking dahi handi and he fell down. Maasa asks doctor to make Yuvraj fine.

Yash asks doctor to check Katha. Deepa says she is my Bhabhi, she fainted in shock, my brother fell down while breaking the dahi handi. Doctor asks for medical history. Deepa says we don’t have. She calls Maddy and asks is Yuvraj fine. Maasa cries. She says both the brothers are expert in breaking the handi, how did this happen. Everyone cries.

Maddy says this accident had to happen with Yuvraj. Kabir says it wasn’t an accident. Maasa asks what are you saying. Kabir cries and says he jumped down from the top. Manju asks why. Doctor says she doesn’t have any injury, we have to do her pregnancy test before scan, inform the family. Nurse goes and asks Deepa is Katha pregnant. Deepa says no. Doctor says we should be sure. Kabir says Yuvraj apologized to me, I didn’t listen to him, my Yuvi. Ravi asks why did he get stubborn that he didn’t care for his life.

Manju asks what could he do, he tried to convince Kabir, he used to go to bakery and wait that Kabir forgave him. Maddy says its Kabir’s mistake, I know he lied and broke your heart, your wife insulted him, you punished him, then why did you get annoyed, you got mad in your wife’s love, you didn’t care for your brother’s life. Kabir asks Maasa to have courage. He says I promise, I won’t let anything happen to Yuvi, I can’t forgive myself. Maasa says even I didn’t talk to him well, its my mistake. Manju consoles her.

Doctor does the sonography. She says Katha is pregnant, we have to inform her family. Kishor comes to Kabir. Doctor says we are trying our best to save Yuvraj. Kabir says please make him fine. Kishor hugs him.

He thinks where is Katha, where are Deepa and Yash. Doctor comes and asks do you know Katha’s medical history. Kishor comes and stops her. He says she has anxiety, it keeps happening, don’t worry, Madhu is crying a lot, please go, don’t worry, I m here. He sends Yash and Deepa. He asks doctor to say.

Doctor asks do you know that Katha is pregnant. He says yes. Katha shouts Kabir and runs. Kishor stops her and says Kabir is fine, we got Yuvraj here to admit him. She runs to Kabir and asks are you okay, did you get hurt. Kabir says I m okay, are you okay. She hugs him and cries. She asks why did you jump down.

Kabir says Yuvi got a head injury, he apologized to me, I didn’t forgive him, so he jumped down. He cries. Nurse asks Katha not to take stress in this condition, she has to come with her. Maddy asks what. Kishor says she fainted down seeing Kabir jump down, it happens, there is nothing to worry, Yash and Deepa got her here.

Deepa says yes, Katha fainted there. Kabir asks Katha are you fine. Katha says yes, I m fine. They hug. Maddy says she just wants attention. Kishor asks nurse to go, he will get her. Maasa coughs. Deepa asks her not to take stress. She takes Maasa for the bp checkup. Yuvraj gets treated. Kabir cries and thinks of Yuvraj. Katha hugs him.

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Telecast Date:1st September 2022
Distributed By :Colors Tv And Voot


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