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Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 1st August 2022 Savitri says to Katha that tomorrow she will have her rasoi ritual, not today. Madhu mocks Katha asking if she knows about it or not. Deepa says she can’t mock someone in Nirjal vrat.

Madhu says they have a problem with her talk too. She leaves. Manju goes to get food. Katha is about to go to help her. Savitri stops her telling her she can’t enter the kitchen before the rasoi ritual. So pray to Surya Bhagwan as his blessings are needed to make me become Dadi early. Katha hugs her.

Katha prays to god and tells him that she is not liking to hide the truth from everyone. She sees Yuvraj coming on his bike. Yuvraj is about to go inside. Katha confronts Yuvraj asking how long will you hide Rahul? Or do you want me to address you Yuvraj? She goes near him and says It’s me, Katha,

you must be remembering my name right, you may have never thought that your biggest crime will come in the form of a relationship with your house infront of your eyes and it’s hard to believe that you are Kabir’s brother. You lied to me that you don’t have a family when you have an amazing family and you played with me well with your acting and Naini maa send me to your house and you will get your punishment for the crime you did. He drops the flower bag.

Yuvraj says what are you talking Bhabhi? My name is Yuvraj, not Rahul. Katha asks if he is pretending like he doesn’t know her. I remembered everything Rahul. Yuvraj says she is mistaken and asks what mistake he did. Katha stands dumbfounded. Yash comes there and thinks what’s the issue between them.

His son calls him so he leaves. Katha says you did a crime not a mistake and Naini maa is a witness. Yuvraj says he doesn’t know anything about her except her name and he never visited Nainital. Katha thinks he is low level man. Savitri comes there and asks Katha if she prayed to god. Katha agrees. Yuvraj shows flowers to Savitri. She tells him he needs to distribute sweets to their relatives too. He agrees. Katha thinks she won’t leave him.

Kabir indirectly asks for Katha. Kishore teases him. Katha comes there with Savitri. Kabir feels mesmerized seeing her. Manju teases him. Kabir asks Savitri and others to sit for breakfast. Savitri says they won’t eat because of Nirjal vrat. Kabir thinks it’s not good in pregnancy. He says she won’t keep fast as she is tired.

Kishore supports Kabir. Madhu asks why special rule to her. Savitri says it’s Dharam of a wife. Katha tells Kabir that she will do it and asks him to not stop her. Kishore tells them he will do fast with Manju. Deepa is sad as the call is not getting connected to Ravi. Kabir asks her to not worry as Ravi will call her soon. Katha serves malpua to Kabir.

Deepa, Kabir, and others call Yuvraj to join them. Yuvraj joins them. Yash teases Yuvraj. Kabir says he trusts his brother and he may tell him if he has a girlfriend. Katha asks Yuvraj will you tell everything to your brother.

Yash asks why is he feeling tense. Yuvraj says there is nothing like that and says he will never hide anything from his brother. Savitri also says he will tell everything to his brother. Katha thinks not to worry Rahul no matter how much you hide your truth will come infront of your family members. Everyone hears Dhol’s sound and Kabir asks Yuvraj about it.

All the family goes to see and they see that Ravi is the one who is playing Dhol. Everyone gets surprised and Deepa hugs him. Kabir tells Katha about Ravi. Ravi greets Everyone. Deepa makes Ravi meet Katha. Ravi says sorry and gives her a gift. Yuvraj thinks to himself he doesn’t understand what he has to do with Katha.

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Telecast Date:1st August 2022
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