Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 18th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 18th August 2022 Episode starts with Kabir crying. He gets down the car. Kishor says I m sure that Kabir has gone to the temple, he goes there whenever he is worried, his dad used to take care of that temple, Kabir donated the benches there by his dad’s name. Kabir sees his dad’s name and cries.

He says sorry, I couldn’t fulfil the promise to you. He recalls his childhood. His dad made him promise that he will love Yuvi a lot. He says I kept this hand on Yuvraj’s head and promised that I will raise Yuvi as my son, its his mistake, but I couldn’t fulfil my promise, I raised hand on him, I should also get punished. He sees a stone.

Kishor and Katha see Kabir’s car. They rush to find him. She cries and shouts Kabir. He asks her to calm down. They leave. Kabir hits the stone on his hand. Kishor and Katha come to the temple. Katha stops Kabir and asks him to leave the stone.

She sees his bleeding hand. She asks why are you hurting yourself, why are you punishing yourself, what is all this. She ties a kerchief to his hand. Kishor looks on and goes. Kabir says I lost today, I had kept this hand on Yuvraj’s head and promised dad that I will raise him well, I didn’t do it well,

I have raised him as a dad, I used to blindly trust him that he can never do anything wrong, he lied to me, I couldn’t fulfil my duty, I have unknowingly covered his mistakes, this hand should break down like I got broken down completely.

She says don’t say this, you aren’t responsible for this. He says no, he was my responsibility, I couldn’t fulfil the responsibility, I regret that I can’t trust him from now, I didn’t think that this day will come when my Yuvraj will cleanly lie to me, I didn’t teach this to him, I gave him everything and he gave this to me, my love has spoilt him, what did I do, and why did he do this with me. She asks him to relax.

Yuvraj shouts why, I will not leave Katha, she told everything to Kabir. Tony says kids did this, they made the scrap book for you. Yuvraj says Katha messaged Kabir, Maddy heard her saying this, how did the kids get my mark sheet, Katha might have given it to the kids, this might be her plan, she wants to take revenge on me.

Tony says yes, she can do anything. Yuvraj says so she played a big game, she did this to make me fall in everyone’s sight, Maasa never scolded me this way, today she raised hand on me because of Katha, I had to get insulted by Kabir, I swear, I will not leave this girl. He tears a cushion in anger.

Yuvraj says I will take revenge on Katha, I won’t leave her. Kabir says I don’t care if the entire city laughs on me, but my family… the city would be spitting on my family’s name, our respect got ruined, because I couldn’t handle my brother, I lost. Katha says please, its not your mistake, stop blaming yourself,

I can’t see you like this. Kabir says you were trying to tell this to me. Katha says yes, but I didn’t get a chance, so I had to message you, I knew your heart will break, but I had no way. He says I wish I read that message in time, I wish I didn’t get blind in his love. She consoles and hugs him.

At home, Manju says Kishor will bring Kabir home, don’t worry Maasa. Kishor and Katha bring Kabir home. Maasa asks what happened to your hand, Kabir. She says I know he did this intentionally to punish himself for Yuvraj’s mistake. Kabir says I m fine. Maasa says Kabir has always covered up Yuvraj’s mistakes,

Yuvraj was our fav., how did I make such a big mistake. She cries and says I should have slapped him in childhood, we would have not seen this day. Deepa asks why didn’t you go to hospital. Manju says I will call the doctor. Kabir says I m fine, I don’t need a doctor, leave me alone. Katha signs Maasa and goes after Kabir. Maddy says they are our Kabir, right, he used to come to us for small things, now he wants to be with his wife.

Katha asks Kabir to listen to her and sit. He gets sad. She does the aid to his wound. She says don’t trust anyone so much that you break when the trust breaks. Kabir says he was a part of my soul, I m scared that he might have lied many things to me.

Katha worries. He says we shall focus on one problem, don’t think about him now. She gives the prasad and says Uma got this from Nainital. She feeds it to him. She says I thought to have this with you, after finding you. He also feeds her the prasad. She holds his face and smiles.

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Telecast Date:18th August 2022
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