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Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 4th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 4th August 2022 Episode starts with Prisha saying I can never harm the kids. Soumya says fine, prove your innocence to me, stay in the house, you will get everything you need, give me your phone and house keys.

Prisha gives it and says trust me, I didn’t do this. Soumya locks her door and goes. Armaan says I m going to meet the kidnapper. Goldie says I will come along. Armaan says no, my kids’ safety is more imp, I will go alone, kidnappers can think we are planning something and do something to the kids. Soumya says Armaan is right, let him go alone, its right for the kids’ safety. Armaan leaves with the money bags.

He asks Soumya not to worry. He says I will get the kids safely. He leaves. Soumya hears the wind chimes sound. Goldie asks what do you mean to say. She recalls the windchime in their room. She says its sound is so pleasant. He says its noisy, if you like it, then keep it in the kitchen, not here. She takes the windchime.

She says yes, I m sure its that same windchime’s sound. Goldie says all the windchime sound the same. She says no, my dad got this from Indore, Armaan told us about Prisha, he knew we are going to meet her, he didn’t ask her. He says he is in tension, he left in a hurry. She says no, something is wrong, we have to find out about the windchime.

She asks Sushma about it. Sushma says its an old thing, I don’t remember it, Prisha used to change everything here, just she can know about it. Goldie asks why would she tell us if she is involved, she will get alert, we have less time, Armaan went with the money, we don’t know who will he meet. Soumya says oh, Armaan can’t do this.

Goldie asks what happened. She says I doubt Armaan, but my heart doesn’t agree. Sushma says he won’t do this, he loves his kids a lot. Soumya says he loves himself the most, anyway he took the money, I will talk to Prisha. She calls Shilpi. Shilpi asks did you get the kids. Soumya says no, make me talk to Prisha.

Prisha says I m innocent. Soumya says you have time, say the truth, police will follow you, help me in knowing the kidnapper if you are innocent, tell me the truth. Prisha says sure. Soumya asks about a windchime. Prisha says I don’t remember, its an old thing. Soumya says she isn’t saying anything.

Goldie says we did a big mistake by telling this to Prisha if she is involved. Soumya cries and says don’t say this, its all my mistake, I left my kids alone. Sushma consoles her. Prisha calls Soumya and says that windchime is kept in the storeroom, I keep the old things there. Goldie says maybe the kids are in the storeroom, where is the keys. Prisha says its in my room. Sushma gets the keys.

Kidnapper asks the kids to come, its time to make them meet their dad. He takes them. Soumya and everyone enter the storeroom. They see the kidnapper with the kids. Kidnapper points the gun and threatens them.

Goldie says we can sit and talk. Soumya asks on whose saying are you doing this, Armaan is your boss, right. She says Armaan got caught, he is arrested, you will also get arrested. The kidnapper asks how can this happen. She snatches his gun. Goldie catches him. Soumya hugs her kids. Goldie says your boss will be caught now. Kidnapper says I did this on Armaan’s saying.

Kidnapper calls Armaan and says the kid got fever. Armaan says get the kids to me, didn’t you feed them well. He says just some time, me and my kids will leave for Indonesia, the cash will be converted into crypto currency, my life’s new chapter will begin now. He calls Amit and says I m coming to Indonesia,

I will make the payment and take over the company. Amit says welcome, you will make hit shoes. Armaan says Soumya, I m taking the kids away from you, I will make you fall in such a way that you won’t try to get up. The guy says your money has been loaded, all done. Armaan asks the kidnapper to get the kids soon.

Jahaan faints. Harsh takes him. Goldie comes to Armaan. He says I was waiting for the kidnapper. Goldie says its all sorted, we found the kidnapper and kids, come, I got the baraatis along for you. Armaan sees the police.


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :The kids ask for Armaan. Soumya says I have an interesting story. Harsh says they should be mentally stable, it will happen when Armaan comes in front of them.

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Telecast Date:4th August 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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