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Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 1st August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 1st August 2022 Episode starts with Armaan coming to Soumya’s house. He scolds Soumya for snatching the three shows. She asks him to come to office to discuss work. She says yes, I removed you from the three shows, I don’t think you are talented to make the shows, its true I started my own company,

channel gave me a chance, I think I m capable, go and threaten someone else. She asks him not to try and threaten her again, just leave right now. He says you could have stayed with kids, but now, you lost the chance, I will see how you get the custody, you will long for them all your life.

She says I m confused, I should laugh or pity you, I can snatch the partnership, then you can suffer and not get able to pay the bank loans, either leave the show or let me and my kids stay in peace, tell me, what do you choose.

She says you can leave the kids for the show’s sake, don’t threaten me again, no one can keep my kids away from me, I will come to your house and meet them, I will give them values, its not your house, its your dad’s house, he requested me to come there, no one can make me away from my sons, that’s all. He leaves.

Armaan comes home. He says I have to fight, I need a partnership to get successful. He calls someone. The man says sorry, your position isn’t good in the business. He drinks and falls asleep. Its morning, Armaan gets a call.

He wakes up. Namit says I had started work with you, I have an offer for you, you can make shows in Jakarta, the company will rock if you take over the company, they want payment on an urgency basis, 15 crores. Armaan says okay, cool, this sounds cool, mail me the paperwork, I will show it to the legal team and arrange the capital. Namit says sure. Armaan thanks him.

He thinks I should leave, I have started hating this city, I m too lucky, I got a good offer, its time to shift the base. Soumya comes and says I got the prasad for the kids. Armaan asks her to get out. She says I will come home and take care of my kids, they will get their mum and mum’s love,

its my duty and my wish to take care of them. He says fine, go somewhere else and keep this duty, I can’t bear the sight of you, its my house. Harsh comes and says no, you are wrong, its my house, I have built this by my earnings, Soumya can come here and meet her kids, she has the court permission to meet her kids, and our blessings also. Sushma says its enough now, Armaan,

what’s best for the children will happen now, nothing can be better for the kids than a mom. Harsh says you took the wrong decisions since 5 years, I also supported you, but not now. Sushma says you have kept the kids away from their mum, when you asked Prisha to leave, I thought you realized your mistake and want to bring back Soumya, but you are still a selfish person.

Harsh says my decision is final, Soumya will come here and handle her kids. Armaan says lovely, isn’t this a cheat, what’s the difference between you and me. Soumya says you cheat for your selfish reasons and ruin others, I cheated to show you the mirror and get my kids, I got everything by my talent,

I will do anything to get my kids. He says you know the wake up time of my kids, 9am, you came early, you have to wait, I don’t disturb their sleep. He goes to the kids. The kids wake up and see him sitting tensed. Armaan says your mean mom is so bad, she has troubled me a lot. They say mean mom scolded you, we will scold her. Armaan says yes, she talks to me badly, what will you do now.

The kids say we will trouble her. He asks them to do something big. Soumya says I will wake up the kids and make them ready for school. Soumya goes to the kids and asks them to have milk. They trouble her. She says enough, have milk, get ready. They ask her to leave. They refuse to have the milk and call her mean mom.

They say you troubled dad, you made Prisha leave, we hate you, go away. She says I didn’t trouble anyone, I love you a lot. They ask her to leave. She says don’t do this. They oust her. Armaan says kids hate you, its confirmed.


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 2nd August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Soumya asks where are the kids. Armaan gets the kidnapper’s call. He gets shocked.

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Telecast Date:1st August 2022
Distributed By :Sony Tv And Sony Liv


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