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Molkki 2nd September 2021 Virender holds Purvi. They share an eye lock. Nani calls out to her just then. Is everything alright? It took a lot of time. She tells her about Virender’s kurta. The button broke. It is done now. Nani asks her to come then. Purvi nods.

Virender bids adieu to everyone. Chandni calls him Chand ji again and says bye. Virender glances at Purvi once and says see you tomorrow. Nani shares that they wont as it is Saturday tomorrow. Dhwani will be on leave so we will go to picnic. Purvi asks her about it. Nani calls it a sudden plan. I wanted to spend time with you. Daksh tries to say something but Nani holds his hand. Virender leaves with the kids.

At home, kids insist that they want to go to picnic with haathi too. He reluctantly agrees and hugs them.

Chandni asks Purvi to pack for tomorrow. She notices her in thoughts. People are generally excited to go on picnic. Why do you look so upset? Do you have a problem in going for picnic? Purvi shakes her head. I am just feeling strange. Don’t know why Nani planned this suddenly.

Daksh asks Nani why she planned picnic suddenly. Nani says it is a way to bring you closer to Dhwani. This is how love blossoms. It will be a good chance. He agrees to impress Dhwani on picnic.

Virender thinks even I want to go to picnic with Bawri but we cannot go like this. We cannot spend the day without her either. What should I do now?

Doorbell rings. Chandni tells Purvi not to worry. We will enjoy tomorrow.

Daksh, Purvi, Chandni and Nani reach a garden. Daksh is keen to play basketball. She is reluctant so he offers to teach her. He attends a call just then. Purvi is missing Manas and Juhi. They would have enjoyed here. Are they missing me just like I am missing them? It would have been fun if Mukhi ji was here too! Why am I thinking of him again and again? Nani says the weather is so beautiful. I like it here. No one will disturb us. Daksh agrees. They notice Virender’s car just then. Virender comes to the park with Manas and Juhi. Chandni and Purvi smile.

Flashback shows kids coming to Daksh’s house last night. Chandni opens the door and asks them if everything is fine at home. She nods. They borrow milk from her and call her aunty as they thank her. She tells them to call her Chandni Didi. Juhi agrees. You are so sweet. We really enjoy your company. Manas asks Juhi how they will be happy tomorrow as she wont be here. Juhi pretends to be sad too. We will miss her and her sweet talks a lot. They leave sadly. Chandni closes the door but the doorbell rings again. It is Virender. Is everything fine? He nods. He makes an excuse of borrowing mosquito repellent. She gives it to him. Virender apologizes to her for disturbing so late. You must be making preps for the picnic. Chandni says what’s the point as you wont be there. It is just a picnic. I will miss you though. Virender says I will miss you too. She gets excited. Come with us then. It will be an outing for all of us. Virender says it is a family picnic. How can we be there then? She says you are like family too. Keep it a surprise. Flashback ends.

Chandni welcomes them warmly. Nani looks unhappy. Daksh asks Virender what they are doing here. Chandni says I invited them here. It was a surprise. Purvi is elated. It is a good one. Kids hug haathi. Virender and Purvi smile at each other. Daksh says I was feeling bored amongst these ladies. I will have company now. Play basketball with us. Virender says I am here. We will pacify her now. They head to the park. Nani stops Chandni and reprimands her for ruining her plan. Chandni says you are always trying to set Daksh. Think about me sometime too. How would you feel if Daksh gets married before his elder brother? Let’s have fun with Mukhi ji.

Everyone is having a good time. Daksh asks Virender to convince Purvi to play basketball with them. Virender agrees. He asks the kids if haathi will play with them. They request haathi who tells them that she doesn’t know how to play. Daksh and kids offer to teach her. They take her to the court. Daksh and Purvi talk in a corner. Virender looks uncomfortable seeing their proximity. Kids choose Virender and Daksh as the captains. They send haathi to Virender’s team. Daksh tries to be a part of the team too but they stop him. Chandni and Juhi become a part of Daksh’s team while Manas joins Virender’s team. They appoint Nani as referee. She refuses but Daksh insists. We wont play if you wont join us. She gives in as everyone starts cheering for her.

Daksh’s team wears green caps and Virender’s team wear red caps. Daksh tells Dhwani he will defeat her today. Virender says no one can defeat her till the time I am with her. Get used to losing. Daksh agrees to see who wins and who loses. Purvi and Virender look at each other. She lowers her eyes. Nani blows the whistle. Daksh manages to score a goal. Purvi makes a face. Virender nods at her reassuringly. Virender passes the ball to Purvi next but Daksh manages to take it from her. She slips and falls in Virender’s arms. They share an eye lock. Nani looks on. Daksh scores another goal. Purvi steps away from Virender. Daksh holds her hands and tells her excitedly about the goals. She keeps looking at Virender all the time. she makes a face when Daksh scores another point. She points at the leaderboard to Virender who gestures her to wait. He brings the score to an equal number. Kids hug Virender. Nani tells them they have 2 minutes left. Whichever team manages to score a goal in 2 minutes will become the winner! Purvi jumps to throw the ball and Virender holds her by her wait. Nani looks on uncomfortably. Purvi and Virender share a long eye lock. He thinks of the past when he had helped her score a goal in a similar manner. Kids hug Purvi and Virender. Daksh and Chandni join them.

Both families return home. They go to their respective homes. Chandni tells Purvi it was so much fun. You were upset for no reason. Purvi nods. It was a lot of fun as Mukhi ji and Juhi, Manas were there. Chandni nods. They love you so much. Purvi nods. You know how much I love kids. Chandni agrees. I love their father. It will be so much fun when I will marry Chand. Shift with us. You can look after the kids. They smile. Nani decides to convince Daksh to propose Dhwani asap. I want Dhwani to get rid of this Mukhi!

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