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Mithai 9th August 2022 Sid tells Mithai that you can never compete with us. Girish tells Dadu I challenge you to force you to close this shop. Mithai says you are challenging your own father who made you successful. I will challenge you back that I will get all your shops closed in a month. Dadu says you all can leave now. Sid nods at Mithai and leaves with Girish.

Sid comes to Mithai. He asks why did she challenge Girish that she will get his shops closed in a month? Shubham says that’s difficult. Mithai says we just have to think positively. Dadu says we will not lose hope as we are all together.

They all join hands with Mithai. Sid tells Dadu I am with you, I will go now. He turns to see Apeksha standing there. All are shocked. Apeksha asks what are you doing here? Sid says this Mithai was challenging us so I got angry, this girl is a fool. He tells Mithai that you will run away from here in a month.

Mithai says you can try as much as you want. Apeksha tells Mithai you are attacking my Sid? Mithai asks her to get lost. Mithai says don’t mess with me, you know I am a Halwai. Sid says this girl is stupid. Apeksha says you don’t have anything left, divorce papers were signed and I will marry Sid soon. She takes Sid from there. Dadu is shocked to know about the divorce papers.

Girish is angry and says how dare that girl try to challenge me? Abha says you still have Sid’s video to use against Mithai. Sid comes there and says then I will be in trouble too, you people will be put me in danger for one shop?

Girish says you are my son, I will get that shop closed soon. Sid says they only have one shop so they can’t do much. Girish says Dadu’s eyes will open when Mithai fails.

Mithai tells Dadu that Girish forced Sid to divorce so we couldn’t do much. Dadu calls Sid but he can’t take the call.

Pramod talks to Girish and says I have an idea. Girish says just tell me. Mithai calls Sid but he cuts it. Apeksha thinks who keeps calling Sid? Pramod tells what if we get Karishma married to someone who will benefit our business?

I have got Aditya’s marriage proposal for Karishma. All are shocked. Pramod says Aditya wants to settle in the US. Sid leaves from there. Girish says they are our enemies. Abha says it’s a good proposal, my daughter’s wedding broke before so please agree to this. Girish asks Pramod to talk to Agarwal about this proposal. Pramod says both empires will join because of this marriage.

Sid takes the call from Dadu. Dadu says why did you agree to divorce Mithai? Sid says I didn’t have a choice. Apeksha comes there and asks who is he talking to? Sid says I don’t have to tell you, we are still friends.

Stop spying on me as I still remember how you went against me. I will get divorced first and then get married to you so stop trying to be another Mithai and leave me alone. He throws her out of the house. Apeksha says he is hiding something from me but I have brains. He can’t understand what I can do for love. Dadu tells Sid how did you hide this from me? Sid says I didn’t have a choice.

Dadu says you didn’t want the divorce right? You did it because of Girish? Sid says I can do anything for you so I had to sign the papers. Dadu says I forgive you, I know you have started liking Mithai. She might not be educated but she is intelligent and will takeover over this business soon.

Dadu tells him that Apeksha is a snake, she went against you to bring us all down. If you marry her then you will lose control of your life. Sid says this family is doing politics, I will keep you informed. Dadu says to keep an eye on them. Sid ends the call.

Apeksha is leaving the house. Girish thinks what happened to her? Karishma is happy. Abhishek says I am okay with this proposal. Girish asks Sid what happened to Apeksha? Sid says she was tired, she has no interest in family matters. He asks why did you agree to Aditya’s proposal? Girish says this is politics and we have to keep everyone happy. He asks her to just think about Apeksha.

Pramod tells Abha that once Karishma marries Aditya then we will make Girish lose. We shouldn’t trust Girish if he can throw his own father out of the house. Abha says he wants to give us 10% only. Pramod says we will snatch everything from Girish soon. Sid hears all that and thinks they can plan anything they want but I won’t let my Dadu’s family destroy it.

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