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Mithai 31st August 2022 Sid wakes up and looks at their wedding photo. He calls Mithai there and asks her to put her head on his shoulder, she does so he hugs her and says I am not angry with you.

I know your dream is to get your father’s shop and sell sweets so I have set a goal for myself. We will have separate paths now. Mithai looks on, she says don’t take me wrongly. Sid says not at all, our goals are different. I will start going to the office and prove that I can run the business. He asks her to rest.

Mithai says our goals are different now so we are competing. Sid says really? I have a family business with 9 shops but what do you have? You have Dadu’s shop only so you can’t compete with me, you have a long way to go. Mithai looks on.

Sid gets ready and tells Girish that I will join the office from today. Girish says I am so happy, my son is my strength now. Girish asks Mithai to come with them too. Mithai says Sid and I have chosen different paths.

Sid says Mithai has different goals, she will go to Dadu’s shop. Abha asks them if they are fighting again? Sid says not at all, she is her own person and has her own goals so she will work on that. Girish says that’s a modern thinking, you are a good husband. Mithai says I will go to the shop. Sid says I will drop you. They both leave.

Sid is in the office and preparing a meeting room. He calls Girish, Pramod, Abhishek and Shubham there. Pramod says what is all this? Apeksha comes there and says my presentation is ready, we have a new vision now.

Sid says I don’t like sweets smell here. Apeksha says we can buy a new office as we have to expand our business. Girish says that will be extra spending. Sid says we have money to build new offices.

Apeksha shows her presentation and says we have to take our brand global. Sid says we have to change our way of making sweets, we will have no human touch and will have machines for everything. Pramod says he really is a modern businessman.

Girish tells Sid that your thinking is good but it’s a huge investment, how will we do that? Sid says if we are taking the brand global then we have to show that we have good quality and no human contact. Pramod says our brand can reach like US now.

Mithai is working at the shop with workers and asks them to focus on the taste and nothing else. A manager comes there and says you won the sweets competition last year so I wanted to ask if you want to participate in the competition this time, the prize money is 10 lacs this time. Mithai says yes, I am always ready to compete. He gives her a form to fill. Mithai looks on and fills the form.

Sid talks to the contest manager and says we will participate and take number one position. We will win at any cost.

Sid comes back home and locks his room door. He brings a rose there and takes off his shirt. Mithai comes there and gets shy, she looks away. Sid says you should have knocked. He wears a shirt and smiles. Mithai says sorry, Sid gives her a rose and says for our memories. Mithai says I will get my father’s shop soon. Sid says that’s good to know. Mithai shows the competition form to him.

Sid shows it to her also. Mithai says we are competitors now. Sid says just promise this competition will not affect our personal life. Mithai says I promise, you promise too? He says yes. Mithai says so the best man wins. Sid says I will win at any cost so best of luck. Mithai notices arrogance in his tone and looks on.

Sid tells Apeskha that we lost the competition only last year because of Mithai. What new can we do to win this time? I know nothing about sweets. Apeksha says everyone knows about sweets in this house. Sid says you are right, I can ask Dadu to help me. He leaves from there.

Mithai comes to Dadu and says this competition is tough. I have worked on some things and I want to work on a fusion. Dadu says I am with you. Sid comes there and says I want Dadu’s help. Apeksha comes there too.

Sid tells Dadu that we have to do something different to win the competition. Dadu says Mithai came here first. Mithai says it’s okay, you can help him. Sid says no, Dadu can help her first. Dadu asks why don’t they work together? Sid says we are together in personal life but we are competitors in our professional life. Dadu looks on.

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