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Mithai 30th August 2022 Mithai looks at the decorations and food, she asks if he did all this for her? Sid says yes and makes her sit down. He says my mother must have thought something to choose you for me.

He says you made me reunite with my family so I thought.. I did all this for you, we have fought a lot but I have changed because of you. Mithai recalls Dadu’s words and tries to talk to him but Sid plays a guitar and dances with her. Mithai smiles and dances with him. Thora thora pyar hua plays.

Sid hugs her from behind and says we will work on the family business together. Mithai says I can’t do family business with you, you should have asked me before taking a decision. Sid says you always wanted to work for a sweets business, we will work on it together.

Mithai says I always dreamed of making a name for my father and take his shop back, your Dadu’s business is already stable so we can’t do much. You never wanted to be involved in this business so why now? Sid says I understand now, you think I am not competent for the business?

Mithai says it’s not like that. Sid says you think I can just do a job and can’t handle a business? Fine, you can handle your shop and I will take over the business. Mithai says your dream is in the tech field. Sid says I might not have business experience but I will make this business more successful.

Mithai says you are not understanding me, this is not your dream. Sid says you think I need you to run this business? let’s go on our separate ways then. I will work on my family business and you can work on your shop. He leaves. Apeksha hides and hears all that. She thinks I will separate them now.

Apeksha calls Sid and says I resigned from my job. Sid asks why? Apeksha says you inspired me to do something different, I will do a business now. Mithai comes to Sid and tries to talk to him but he ignores her.

He talks to Apeksha, she says I will work on the marketing side now. Sid says you can join me in the business and we will make it digital. Apeksha says that’s a good idea, I will send you some ideas. Mithai sadly looks at Sid and leaves from there.

Mithai sees workers taking away the decorations and says Sid did all this for me but now he is angry with me. She takes their photo and says I will pacify him. Mithai comes back to their room and finds Sid sleeping ont he sofa. She puts the cake there and says he slept without even eating. She says we are joined now so I won’t let you walk on the wrong path.

The family comes back home, Mithai comes there. Abha asks Mithai if she is feeling fine now? How was your day with Sid? Dadi says you could tell us that you wanted to spend time alone with him. Mithai blushes.

Mithai talks to Dadu and says Sid got angry with me, he talked to Apeksha for the business. Dadu says Sid might take you the wrong way and it might impact your relationship. Mithai says don’t worry, I will figure it out.

Mithai comes to her room and finds a rose on the table, she smiles and goes to sleep.

In the morning, Sid wakes up to Mithai’s alarm. He looks at their photo which Mithai brought.

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Telecast Date:30th August 2022
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