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Mithai 2nd September 2022 Mithai comes to the competition and pays her fees. She thinks when I came here last year, I had no money and Dadu paid my fees but today I am able to pay my own fee and taking part on my own.

Sid arrives there with his family and Apeksha. Apeksha goes to talk to the host. She gives him money so he says your work will be done, I will change your position on the board.

Apeksha asks him to just do as she says, just change our position to the bottom. He nods and leaves. Apeksha says I have to lose some to gain something. Mithai will win today but she will lose to me.

Dadu is in the mandir and prays for Sid and Mithai. Shaurya and Karishma come home. Abhishek says we have some work for the office so don’t go to the competition.

Mithai comes to the family and wishes them the best of luck. Shubham wishes her luck, Sid says we will win at any cost. Girish blesses Mithai. The competition starts, the host announces all the participants and put Sid’s name at the bottom. Sid thinks Mithai didn’t support me.

Apeksha thinks I will win today. The host calls Mithai on the stage first. All clap for her. Girish wishes her luck. Mithai thanks everyone and says today I am here as Mithai Sidharth Chaubey. They have supported me a lot, Dadu has supported me like his daughter. Sid has supported me in the business also. Now it’s time to compete. All clap for her. Sid looks on.

Dadu is in the mandir and says I don’t care who wins but husband and wife shouldn’t lose each other. Dadi asks her to not worry. Abha says we have started preparing for Sid and Mithai’s wedding so let’s decide everything. Dadu nods.

At the competition, Mithai is called on the stage with her sweets. She brings up the stage and tells everyone that I was scared when I came here for the first time but today I have made new sweets.

She tells about her sweets names. Sid and the family are shocked. Girish says these are our sweets, how did this happen? Sid is confused. Mithai shows her sweets and says I have made all these sweets using home ingredients. Apeksha tells Sid that Mithai copied our sweets. Sid is confused.

The host says next is Sid from HM sweets, let’s see what he brings up. Sid glares at Mithai and brings up his sweets. He tells everyone about his sweets names and glares at Mithai. Mithai is shocked realizing their sweets are same. The judge says you will be disqualified. The host says seems like HM sweets copied Mithai’s recipes.

People gossip that Sid is destroying his Dadu’s name. Apeksha thinks I am sorry for getting Sid insulted but I had to do it to make him mine. One man says Sid couldn’t make sweets so he married a sweet (Mithai). Sid gets angry and grabs him. He starts beating him but Mithai comes in front of him and asks him to calm down.

Sid angrily leaves from there. Mithai tries to go behind him but Apeksha asks her to stay back, she will go with him. All family members leave from there. Mithai wins the competition but she is not happy. The host says Mithai wins 10 lacs and our one year contract. Mithai tries to be happy but can’t.

At the home, Dadu and others are deciding about the wedding card. Mithai arrives there with her trophy. Dadu says you won? All are happy for her. Abha asks why do you look stressed? Mithai looks down sadly.

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Telecast Date:2nd September 2022
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