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Mithai 29th August 2022 Apeksha tells Sid and the family that I went crazy to get Sid and did so many wrong things. I am just his friend but I lost his friendship also. Mithai was right that I should help Sid as a friend so I want to thank her in front of everyone.

She comes to Dadu and says if you forgive me then everyone will. Dadu says friendship is above everything, I forgive you as you have realized about your wrongdoings. Sid is about to interrupt him but Mithai stops him. Apeksha says sorry to Sid. Sid says you are my old friend so don’t apologize.

Apeksha apologizes to Mithai for everything. Mithai says you are his friend and like my sister so I forgive you. Apeksha hugs her and smirks. Sid tells the family that I wanted to run away from the family but Mithai made me realize the importance of the family so I won’t go anywhere. I am leaving my job and put my energy into the family business. I will make this business more successful.

He tells Mithai that she will work with him. Girish hugs him and says my sons are my strength now. Abhishek says we are strong again. Girish tells Dadu that our family is one again. Dadu nods and leaves from there.

Mithai comes to Dadu and asks why does he look stressed? Dadu says I wanted Sid to stay here but I don’t want him to handle this business, he is cut out for this. Mithai says I thought everything would be fine now but he took a decision without consulting anyone. He doesn’t understand that this business is stable and he can’t do much. I don’t want to join his big business but open a shop for my father.

Dadu says I felt Sid was arrogant today, Sid doesn’t know anything about the sweets. You should talk to him that he shouldn’t become a part of the business. Mithai says if I tell him no then he will become competitive. Dadu says then find a way. Apeksha hears all that and thinks to use this.

Apeksha talks to Sid and says you should propose to Mithai, you have started loving her so do something special for her. Sid blushes and says I don’t know what to do. Apeksha says you can send the family out and plan something for her. I will send some videos for ideas. Don’t talk to her till tonight and then surprise her. Sid says that’s a good idea. Apeksha smirks and thinks I will get Sid from Mithai.

Sid talks to Shubham and says I need your help.. actually.. he tells him the plan. Shubham laughs and says you have become romantic. I will take the family out today to mandir. Mithai comes there and tries to talk to Sid but he says I have some work, he leaves from there. Mithai is confused.

In the evening, all family members are ready to go to the mandir. Mithai says Sid haven’t come back yet. Shubham says we will go now and you can come with Sid. All family members leave. Mithai is waiting for Sid and says I need to talk to him. She comes to her room and someone locks the door.

She gets scared and tries to call Sid but he is not picking up. Mithai is about to jump from the balcony but the door opens. Mithai comes to the lounge and finds it decorated. Sid is there, waiting for her. Mithai is surprised. Sid brings her to the dining table and shows her their wedding photo.

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Telecast Date:29th August 2022
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