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Mithai 1st September 2022 Dadu asks Sid why is he not working with Mithai for the competition? Sid says we are on a separate path when it comes to our professional life. Mithai says yes, we will take part separately.

Dadu says you both should work together to win. Sid says she doesn’t understand that. Mithai says you took your own path. Sid says you didn’t stop me either, just focus on your strategy as you only have a cycle but I have a full team.

Dadu says you are using your mind when it’s about skills and talent. Sid says I will use my brains which I have. Mithai says I will start working on my strategy then, she leaves from there.

Dadu tells Sid that he can’t learn to cook sweets. Sid says Mithai won’t help me so you have to give me some recipe, I am your grandson and I can’t lose this competition, I have never lost one. Dadu nods. Apeskha thinks I have made Sid and Dadu against Mithai now.

Dadu, Sid and all the family members are thinking about some new recipes. Dadu doesn’t like modern fusion.

Mithai is making sweets in the kitchen and says I will make sweets from the heart without thinking about winning or losing.

Apeksha tells the family that we have to do something different this time. I will bring tea for you all. Sid says we still have one day to come up with something. Dadu thinks Sid is losing himself in arrogance, this is not right.

Apeksha comes in the kitchen and starts making tea. She finds Mithai making her sweets and says well-done. She deliberately throws milk and burns her hand. Mithai goes to bring some medicine while Apeksha takes pictures of her recipes and the sweets she cooked. Mithai comes back and applies balm on her hand. Apeksha thanks her.

Scene 2
All family members are still thinking about the new idea. Apeksha arrives there and says I took ideas from my chef friends. She shows them the recipes, all family members like it. Dadu asks which friend helped her?

Apeksha says we will give credit to them later on. Girish says we will start working on the recipes. Sid tells Dadu that I will be first like always. Apeksha says only you will win. Dadu looks on.

Sid and Apeksha are working on the presentation. Apeksha says it’s good but I just want to say that you should keep all this confidential from Mithai, she seems to be struggling so be careful. Sid says she might not be with me but she will do something on her own and something new. Apeksha says I am sorry for saying that then. She thinks he is confident about his wife but his confidence will break down tomorrow, Mithai will lose his trust after this competition.

Sid and Mithai come to their room. Sid asks if she is ready? Mithai says I have tried so let’s see. Sid says why are you not confident this time? Dadu is not with you so you are not sure anymore? Mithai says you are taunting me a lot these days. Sid says really? you should be confident.

Mithai says you are taking this competition like a major battle. Sid says not at all, I am just being supportive as a husband, you wanted us to walk on different paths and I just agreed. Mithai says I am hesitant this time as I didn’t know anything last time but this time I am ex-winner so I have more responsibility.

Sid says unlike you, I am always sure to be first everytime, if you are not sure then you will lose. Mithai says I have come up with some recipes. Sid says don’t forget about the rules, if two competitors have same recipes then whoever presents first will be valid and the other one will be disqualified.

Mithai says I know all that, it’s not the first time for me, all my recipes are new and smart. Sid says I have workers to work for me. Mithai says your attitude has changed a lot, is your ego hurt? Sid says you think I am being egoistic? I feel hurt that you are not supporting me, you are playing a game.

Mithai says it’s not like that. Sid says I always supported you but when I took up the business, you left me alone. Your dream is a dream but my dream? You are stubborn so you won’t back off. You always say to work as a team but when it came to your dream, you want to work on it alone. Best of luck for tomorrow, he goes to sleep.

Mithai is hurt and leaves from there. Sid thinks Mithai didn’t support me because she thinks I am not capable of handling this business but I will show her by winning now. Mithai sadly looks at him and recalls their happy moments together. She thinks we just got together and we are going away from each other now. She wipes her tears and stands on the balcony.

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