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Mithai 19th July 2022 Mithai tells Girish and others that I heard you talking to Agarwal about the deal. Girish says you have lost it after shaming yourself. Mithai says why are you looking away? I could have told everyone about this deal but Sid has started thinking about his family and I don’t want him to lose faith in you all. If I can lie to save Sid then I am not afraid to bring out the truth.

Sid comes home, Dadu says don’t worry now we will bring out the truth and save you. Sid says how? with Mithai’s plan? She is not that smart, she is a fraud, and doing all this for her gain, I will confront her.

He goes to talk to her. Mithai is talking to Girish and others. Abha blames Mithai that you destroyed our honor in court and now you want to marry Sid? You are a greedy woman. Abhishek tells Sid that she wants to marry him. Pramod says her character is tainted. Sid drags Mithai from there.

Sid brings Mithai to Dadu and others. Sid asks Mithai why did she lie in court? Mithai says I didn’t have any other choice. Apeksha comes there with her mom. She says this girl has complicated everything, she will be trapped in her own lie and will go to jail.

The lawyer says I am not sure if she has solved the case or made it complicated. Sid says she is doing all this to gain wealth. Girish says if she really cared then she would have taken the blame on herself.

The lawyer says we don’t have a choice but to prove that Mithai said the truth. One option is that Sid and Mithai to get married. Girish says that can’t happen. The lawyer says the other option is that Mithai take the blame for the incident. Sid says no if she didn’t do it then she shouldn’t take the blame. The lawyer says maybe she really was the culprit otherwise why would she lie?

We will investigate why she lied. Apeksha says she keeps complicating things. Girish says this girl keeps insulting us. Dadu says you all should stop blaming her. Girish says you still trust her? Mithai says God is with me and knows why I did all that. She says I would rather die than marry Sid.

I was okay before and I am still okay to take the blame on myself. I just wanted Sid to come back to his family. Apeksha says stop acting like a saint, you were the culprit. Indu comes there and cries. Girish says this girl should be behind the incident. Dadu asks Mithai to speak up.

Mithai thinks I can’t tell Sid that his family made a deal with Agarwal and framed him. Mithai says I want to thank you all for your thinking. Indu asks her to speak up for herself. Mithai says we have 48 hours and then I will go to jail. Sid angrily leaves. Mithai says I want to get some fresh air.

Pramod says you can’t run away. Mithai glares at him and says you should thank me, I am not a runner like others. My mother is here so where would I run away to? She leaves. Girish says it’s final, this girl will go to jail.

Shubham comes to Sid and says I have done a lot of mistakes so I am sorry. Sid says you did everything for Girish and he uses people. I know you have a clean heart but I want to say that if you have to take the wrong path to earn a relationship then it’s a wrong relationship.

Shubham hugs him and says it was your first day in the workshop but I go there every day, it’s impossible in our workshop as I know everyone there. Sid says you mean something wrong happened? Shubham says yes, you went there for the first time and this happened? I tried to find some proof but I couldn’t.. I can’t believe that you and Mithai were together that night. She is trying to save you right? Sid look on.

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