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Mithai 12th August 2022 Mithai enters Dadu’s house with a drama group and she has a veil over her head so nobody can recognize her. Mithai starts her bhajan with the group. She shows her face to Sid only. Sid whispers to Dadu that Mithai is here. Dadu prays for Sid and Mithai to succeed.

Apeksha is tied to a bed, she frees herself and tries to run. Indu grabs her and says you can’t leave. Apeksha hits her with a stick and runs from there. She thinks to expose Sid and Mithai.

Mithai is dancing with the family. She makes Girish dance with them. Sid joins them. Mithai steals the key to his safe from his pocket and leaves. Girish hugs Sid and dances with him.

Mithai comes to Girish’s room and starts looking around for the Pendrive. She opens his safe and finds the drive. She turns to see Abha standing there.

Apeksha arrives at Dadu’s house and screams for Girish. She says Mithai is here to erase all the proofs. Sid is on Mithai’s side, they all kidnapped me. Dadu and Dadi are in on the plan. Dadu says what God wants will happen. Girish is shocked and asks Sid if he plotted all this? Sid looks on.

Abha tries to catch Mithai but she runs away. Abha runs behind her and says she is a robber. Sid says Mithai is doing the right thing. Girish and Abhishek run behind Mithai too. Girish asks Mithai to give the Pendrive to him.

Mithai throws the drive to Sid. He runs away from the family. Shubham comes there too. Sid throws the Pendrive in the havan fire and it burns. Pramod says everything burned down. All look on.

Dadu and Dadi are in the mandir and pray for Sid and Mithai. All family members join them for the pooja. Dadu and Dadi do aarti together. Dadu calls Sid and Mithai to do aarti together, they do it. Girish glares at them. Gitika gives aarti to everyone. Girish tells Sid you cheated on me. Sid says what about you?

You threw your father out of the house. If you want my love then learn to love your son first. Your drama is over now. Girish shouts no, I will go to the court and tell them about this fake marriage. Mithai says what will you tell the police? That you recorded your son’s video but it got burned? Girish says you have no standard to stand in front of me. Whoever is not on my side will not stay here.

Dadu says I am not on your side Girish. All proofs are gone so we will leave now. Sid says I will go away with Dadu and Dadi. Mithai says nobody will go anywhere. Mithai shows the property papers and says I saved these. Sid signed these to give all the shops to Girish. She burns them in front of Girish and says they are gone too.

I have burned fraud. She asks them to go to court to get another copy of this. She tells Dadu that this house and these shops are yours so no one can throw him out. She says I am Sid’s wife and this house’s daughter-in-law so I will do what’s right for this family. Girish says you will pay for all this.

Sid says you can do anything with us but you can’t throw us out of the house. Girish says this is my house, registrar has the papers so I will get them back. Sid says I can file a case on you for throwing your parents out of the house. You can be jailed for that. Girish angrily leaves. Sid and Mithai look on.

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Telecast Date:12th August 2022
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