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Mithai 11th August 2022 Apeksha wakes up and sees herself tied to a bed. She tries to scream but Dadi asks her to calm down. Apeksha says this is wrong. Dadi says just relax for some time. Indu says I will bring some food for her. Dadi says just wait for 12 hours. Apeksha thinks Sid and Mithai must be up to something.

Sid thinks he has to make his plan work. He comes to Girish’s room and sees Mithai calling him. Girish takes the call. Mithai tells him that I have got many orders, I am telling you because I am your daughter-in-law. Girish is about to end the call but Mithai says I want to tell you that an important person has joined hands with us.

Girish ends the call. Sid comes there and asks what happened? Girish says Mithai was saying rubbish things about someone joining hands with her. Sid says Pramod saw Abha in the market with Mithai. Girish says why didn’t you tell me before? That girl is smart, she must have brought someone from the house on her side.

All family members are preparing for the pooja in the house. Girish comes there and asks Pramod why didn’t he tell him that Abha met Mithai? Abha says she bumped into me. Girish says I don’t trust anyone, I am sure someone is helping Mithai from this family. Abha says why are you people doubting me? She hugged me forcefully.

Mithai calls Girish and asks him to prepare to welcome her home tomorrow, she will enter the house as his daughter-in-law. Girish ends the call and tells Abha I don’t trust you, I am sure you must have made a deal with Mithai. Abha cries and says how can he point fingers at me?

Girish comes to his room and tells Sid that I got a copy made of the video because I can’t trust a mobile. He says I did all that for you. Sid says you plan way ahead of others, only you can free me from Mithai. Girish says the court is off tomorrow, we will file for your divorce after that. I will get this case closed too.

Abha is crying and tells the family that Girish is doubting me because of Mithai. Girish comes there. Mithai arrives there and laughs at them. She says I just said something and you people got all angry? Girish shouts at her to leave.

Mithai gives the gifts to Sid and says Dadu sent all this for the pooja. Sid says if I don’t free Dadu and Dadi from your trap then I won’t be my father’s son. He tells Girish that I will make sure Dadu-Dadi join us for Janmashtami. He drags Mithai from there. Girish apologizes to Abha and says I shouldn’t have trusted Mithai’s words.

Sid meets Dadu and others. Sid tells them that Girish is keeping the keys in his pant pocket and the pendrive is in the locker. Dadu says I am sure you both will destroy the proofs. I am just sad that I won’t be with my family for Janmashtami. Mithai says you just pack your bags and go with Sid. Sid and Mithai tell them their plan.

Dadu says I don’t want to leave you alone. Mithai says Subham is here with us and I will be back there tomorrow. Mithai says Indu will keep an eye on Apeksha. She tells them I will enter the house tomorrow in a new avatar. Sid tells Dadu and Dadi that we have to make Girish believe that I freed you from Mithai’s trap.

Agarwal meets Girish’s family and says God has brought two families together. Karishma comes there and smiles at Aditya. Agarwal says we have fought a lot but not anymore. Sid brings Dadu and Dadi back home and says I fulfilled my promise. All are happy to see them back. Sid says I convinced them that Mithai is a fraud.

Dadi says we did a mistake but Sid made us believe that family is above outsiders. Girish greets them and says I am proud of my son, I was trying to tell you both that only. Dadu looks at Girish’s phone and acts as if he stumbled. All rush to him. Dadu says I am just feeling weak. Girish says it’s okay, just let’s sit down. Dadu apologizes for breaking his phone. Sid sits with Dadu and says we just have 12 hours to clear all proofs.

All family members pray together. Dadu prays for family happiness. Sid thinks why is Mithai not here?

Mithai and Shubham come outside Dadu’s house. She says how will we go inside? She sees some Krishna act team coming there and says I have an idea.

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