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Mere Sai 9th May 2022 Sai shares story of Raja Harishchandra and how he fulfilled his promises abd everyone should learn from him, when you lose something in hard work, God gives much more than that and so did Raja Harishchandra he got his son, wife, land money everything back and so whoever follows the principle of honesty and truth goes long way.

Keshav unable to sleep, he thinks of Sai and remembers the envelope Sai gave and had asked him to open it when he looses all hopes. Keshav goes get the envelope and sees a picture of Raja Harishchandra and says why did Sai give me this, Keshav realises and says understood Sai doesn’t want me to quit the path of truth and I won’t.

Srinivas asks Keshav where he is going, Keshav says washroom and I don’t need your permission. Keshav leaves and thinks I will find proofs and then talk to Sir. Keshav checks files to find some proofs.

Keshav sees receipts and says so that father was right, few soldiers didn’t get essentials which means Srinivas and his team mates are stealing. Keshav’s colleague calls him to have lunch. Keshav leaves thinking I will leave now and check these later or else they will be suspicious about me.

Baizamaa sees Savari walk in with flowers and smiles. Savari walks to Sai and greets him. Savari tells Baizamaa she has made gajra for everyone and hands them to all the ladies. Baizamma says whole Dwarka Mai is fragrant, Sai says its Savari’s hard work too and kind of her to share happiness with everyone, Savari says I am happy everyone liked it and leaves.

Savari making garlands. Kulkarni sees her smiling and gets angry, he yells at her and you haven’t done any work, you make excuses because Tejasvi and Rukmani are unwell, you have to work to stay here, go clean shed feed the cattles go. Kulkarni says she made all flowers impure

Sai also applied cowdung at Dwarka Mai. Savari does same at Kulkarni wada, she cleans shed and feeds cattle. Savari walks to entrance and sees whole work is already complete and says this must be Sai and prays, thanks Sai. Kulkarni walks out and sees whole area and thinks how did she finish all the work and asks did you do everything.

Savari says yes. Kulkarni says you have cow dung left go apply it in backyard. Sai walks to her. Kulkarni says so you have helped her, dare you again or else it will be bad. Kulkarni says you are fraud, you don’t deserve to call yourself Ramji’s disciple.

Sai says there is no big and small and we are all equal here, and the easiest way to reach God is humanity and treating and respecting everyone equally. Kulkarni laughs at Sai and says people feel grateful serving me and even God knows I am the best and so you are just a beggar and me an head. Sai says Ramji blessed you but you are misusing it, and you will have to repay for it. Kulkarni gets angry and leaves.
Savari thanks Sai.

Keshav walks to his room and sees Srinivas and Shankar, and asks what is wrong. Shankar says these people are saying you are doing all this so you come in good picture and then misuse the available essentials. Keshav says no I have no such intentions. Shankar says Keshav supplied essentials to soldiers today, check his desk. They find essentials and ammunitions in Keshav’s desk. Keshav shocked to see those.

Srinivas says he has old files too, he may be giving confidential information to our enemies. Shankar gets angry and says I am not giving you to police because I don’t want to ruin my companies reputation, find all the amount he has misused and throw him out. Srinivas bad seen Keshav checking old files and plotted against him. Keshav is pushed out of the office. He leaves in tears.

Keshav reaches home upset, he sees Chintamani remove them out of house. Keshav asks Chintamani what is wrong, Chintamani says we found about the fraud you did at your work place. Keshav tries to explain but Chintamani doesn’t listen. Tejasvi says where will we go. Chinatamani says I don’t care get lost and locks the room and leaves.

Baizamaa cleaning rice, Sai picks one rice strain and says why do injustice with rice, Baizamma asks what do you mean. Sai says only Ramji does justice for all, Baizamaa says and I know my son will fulfill Ramji’s wish and take care of people who are facing injustice. Sai says I want a favour too, I want to eat Okhdiche Modak, Baizamaa says how can I say no to my son.

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Mere Sai 10th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Keshav says to Tejasvi, we can do a fresh start now, Sir will give us our room back. Tejasvi says I don’t want to go to that dirty place again. Keshav says Sai has sent us here so there must be some reason. Tejasvi says I have made a decision. Keshav says we can’t stay at your fathers. Tejasvi says we won’t stay at my fathers or in Mumbai.Sai smiles.

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Telecast Date:9th May 2022
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