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Mere Sai 9th August 2022 Sai says to Uddhav suicide is not a solution. Uddhav says what I have done has no forgiveness, I broke everyone’s trust. Sai says Uddhav, accept your mistake and work towards it, try apologies to them, they will punish you may be but that doesn’t mean quit. Uddhav takes Sai’s blessings, Sai says Uddhav telling truth is difficult, don’t back off.

Kalavati tells Piliya, she won’t dance for anyone. Piliya says this is life turning opportunity, commissioner is coming just for you and if he gets impressed our good days will start. Kalavati asks Piliya to leave, he pulls Kamla and removes her turban and says I will tell her turth to everyone and then we will make her dance. Kalavati scared agrees to dance.

Kalavati meets Sai says she doesn’t want to dance and also wants to save her daughter, you are only person who calls me daughter, help me Baba.

Sai says I promise, I won’t let anything bad happen to you but you will have to help me, you don’t have to lose trust and faith, can you do it. Kalavati says yes. Sai says then go where you are called and remember don’t lose trust and faith.

Uddhav reaches home and sees Vidya and her father. Shama says I called them for Sai’s blessings and he told me you borrowed money from him for business, without even discussing with me and saree business what all is this. Uddhav thinks he shouldnt talk in front of his father in-law and about to lie again he remembers Sai’s words and tells everyone the truth. Shama and Bhama in shock.

Uddhav apologies to everyone. Vidya walks fo Uddhav and says my father worked very hard for that money so that it can help me for my better future, I have seen my father sacrifice and you broke our trust. Uddhav says Vidya I am sorry I will never repeat this. Vidya’s father slaps Uddhav and says I will never marry my daughter to you. Uddhav asks his father to give him one chance, everyone leaves.

Commissioner asks Kulkarni and Balvant when will Kalavati come. Balvant says until Kalavati comes sign the paper. Commissioner says if I like Kalavati’s dance I will give the order or else I won’t. Kulkarni says you are going to love her dance. Kulkarni asks Piliya to get Kalavati.

Kids at Dwarka Mai, Sai asks Keshav to take Prahlad to Badi Haveli to see Kalavati’s dance and trust Sai. Tatya and Keshav confused. Keshav leaves with Prahlad.

Kalavati arrives in front of guest. Balvant asks Kalavti to start her performance. Kalavati thinks of Sai’s words.
Ragini and kids start practicing Bhajjans for competition. Sai plays his flute.

Surprisingly instead of Lavni music, musicians play bhajjan music. Kulkarni scolds them, they tell him its happening on its own they aren’t willing doing it. Kalavati starts dancing to bhajjan music. Keshav and Prahlad walk in and see Kalavati perform classical dance.

Commissioner gets angry and leaves. Balvant goes behind him. Kulkarni stops him and says what nonsense is this. Kalavati says I won’t do that dance I have forgotten it and will only do this dance. Keshav and Prahlad applaud.

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Mere Sai 10th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kalavati walks in the competition with Kamla. Sai introduces everyone to Kamla and says she is Kalavati’s daughter and will participate in the singing competition.

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Telecast Date:9th August 2022
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