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Mere Sai 8th August 2022 Prahlad apologies to Kamal. Kamal says you are my first friend Prahlad and will be happy to have my friend back. Sai says true friendship doesn’t have time for differences, forget the past and move on.

Prahlad says to Kamal, Sai taught me to accept your friend as he is. Kamal says I was wrong too, to push you and sorry. Prahlad and Kamal shook hands. Prahlad says we all are going to meet for competition preparation do come if you feel like and leaves.

Sai says to Kamal, don’t be upset and things your mother got you and soon you will be able to wear them Kamla. Kalavati says to Kamla,

Sai knows everything and gave me strength to fight back. Kamla takes Sai’s blessings. Sai says you will get all the happiness and to begin with take part in the competition if you want to and leaves.

Udhav meets his would be in laws. They ask him about his work at mill, Udhav tells his father in law that, he doesn’t want to work in mill because they don’t give good wages, he wants to do business of Saree, and I need your help in this as he has managed some money but needs 1000 more to start his money.

Udhav’s father in law says he just has 1000₹ that too for shagun. Udhav says give it now instead of later. He says I can give it only in Shagun. Udhav says okay, I have decided to marry only when I settle a bit because its a responsibility and so you postpone the wedding date and I will let you know the feasible date soon and leaves.

Udhav walks out thinking of Piliya’s idea to take help from his in laws.
Udhav’s fiance asks her father to give Udhav money now so that they don’t have to face any problems from society. Udhav’s father in law calls him inside and says come let me give you some money.

Prahlad and friends at Dwarka Mai discussing about competition, Kalavati walks in with Kamal and says Kamal will participate in tge competition. Prahlad says very nice, Kamal teach us all music. Ragini says yes lets g to Chavdi and participate. Kamal leaves with kids.
Kalavati walks to Sai, Sai says Kalavati Kamal will make you proud but when will she be able to recognise herself as Kamla.

Piliya sees Kalavati with Sai and says what are you doing here. Kalavati says how does it matter to you. Piliya says don’t act too smart, someone is there to meet you lets go and forces Kalavati. Kalavati says leave my hand. Sai says Piliya leave her hand, Piliya notices his hand move on its own. Kalavati says nothing bad can happen infront of Sai Baba. Sai walks to Piliya and asks Kalavati to leave and says go meet its never wrong but do what you feel like and nothing forced. Kalavati says thank you and leaves.

Kalavati walks in and sees Udhav in her house. She walks to him and sits beside him and asks what is your name and what does he want. Udhav says my name is Udhav and brought a gift for you and gives her gold necklace. Kalavati says it’s bery pretty, help me wear it. Udhav puts necklace in her neck and realises he was just imagining.
Kalavati walks in,

Piliya says you talk to him I am waiting outside. Kalavati asks Udhav what he wants. Udhav says you smiled at me when you saw me in barat. Kalavati says what you want. Udhav shows her necklace. Kalavati says I don’t want to buy this. Udhav says this is your gift, Kalavati asks why. Udhav says I really like you and I want you to dance only for me. Kalavati bashes him with broom and says shameless boy leave this house and if I see you again I won’t spare you and Piliya dare you repeat something like this and closes the door.

Udhav upset, Piliya snatches necklace and says I will talk to her go away. Udhav says give it back I don’t want to give it to anyone. Piliya says dare you act smart or else I will tell everyone what are you upto and don’t come back.
Udhav remembers lies he had told everyone and starts crying.

Sai walks to Udhav and says its too late now and vanishes. Udhav walks forward, Kalavati walks to him and says you are useless go die and vanishes, he sees his father in law scold him for being so irresponsible and his parents upset.

Ushav stands on a cliff to jump and comitt suicide. Sai says that in havan kundh, Udhav jumps but Sai stops him. Udhav in Sai’s feet in Dwarka Mai and says Sai why did you save me,

Sai says its not in my hand to save your life and you can’t die before you kill Shama and Bhama. Udhav says what nonsense are you talking. Sai says what will they do after you comitt suicide and they will never get over the fact that where they went wrong and will never move on from this pain, realise them from the pain first.

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Mere Sai 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kalavati remembers Sai’s words.Balvant asks Kalavati to begin her performance. Sai plays flute. Balvant and Kulkarni shocked to hear that.

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Telecast Date:8th August 2022
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